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Google Chrome password

How to remove saved passwords from Google Chrome browser on smartphone and PC

Browsing in Google Chrome is the most convenient way to surf the internet. With so many good features, the chrome web browser is one of the best out there. One of its unique features...
keyboard shortcuts

How to fix keyboard shortcuts not working on laptop or PC? 5 Ways you...

A laptop without a functioning keyboard is unimaginable. Hardship will be faced if the keyboard is not working. And the keyboard shortcuts make working on a laptop or PC easier and faster. There are...
Laptop audio

Laptop speakers not working? How to fix having no sound on your laptop

Computer audio not functioning, can be for many reasons. It might be because of the not-compatible headphones you have plugged in. Or it might be the changes in settings when the Windows update on...
Netflix add

How can you add or remove other users from Netflix account?

Netflix is one of the best OTT (Over-the-top) content platforms to stream movies and shows. By popular choice even in 2021, Netflix has remained as many people’s favourite streaming platform. The streaming platform provides...
Health of laptop or PC

How to check the health of your Windows 10 PC or laptop

Working on a laptop or studying on the computer has become a necessity. Life has become more indoor and works more remotely with the lockdown. Laptop and computers are being used more than ever,...
Windows 10 widget news and interest

How to remove the news and interest widget from the Windows 10 taskbar?

Using a widget on the Windows 10 taskbar makes things easier instead of searching for it on the search bar. It can help you give information instantly without performing any process such as news...
Delete old Wi-Fi

How to delete old Wi-Fi passwords from your Android mobile

Using Wi-Fi is very convenient indoors or outdoors. Wi-Fi gives you the desired bandwidth to browse and download. However, at times it gets very unnecessary to keep saving that Wi-Fi you no longer connect...
Facebook offline

How to hide online status on Facebook? So that your friends do not see...

Facebook has become the most popular social networking website ever. The users of Facebook range from children to the elderly. It is almost like the word “Social” is created by Facebook. Some socially awkward...
Mental health app

Top 5 mental health apps for Android users

Life has become more challenging with the pandemic. Being confined only to the house and room have brought the struggle of mental health. Seeking physical help has been more difficult with the lockdown across...
Apple lossless audio

How to get Apple music lossless?

Apple Music gives you the best sound quality for audio music. But with the Apple music lossless the music will even get better. Apple lossless audio compression preserves all the original data from the...
Guide to video call on Zoom

A complete guide on how to use Zoom and change its layout

Video calling has become the new normal in work life and education. The Pandemic has taken all life indoors. And Zoom has become the most popular platform for video calling. Zoom can be confusing...
Learning English language

How to write English? Best free websites and apps that will help you

Learning English can get difficult with every level you go up. English has become the language of the learned. The language has been widely used in education and work in India and abroad. Skilled...
Best measurement app

Best measurement apps, to measure anything using your smartphones

Measuring things in daily life is now made possible by using an app from your smartphone. From rooms to small objects using an app on your smartphone makes the task easier to measure. To...
High capacity microSD card

5 best microSD cards with the highest capacity for your smartphone

Using a microSD card can help you increase your phone storage. But the options to choose from are always tricky. You will want the highest capacity microSD card for your smartphone that can also...

5 best projectors you can buy under Rs 50,000

Projectors can give you a better experience than a small TV. They can turn your home into a mini-theatre perfectly suited for family get-togethers. If you are looking to set up a home theatre,...
Restore images

How to recover deleted images on your Android smartphone

Deleting images accidentally or losing photos on your phones is very common. Important photos often get lost when you are switching to a new phone or the phone is stolen. But it has become...
Digital thermometer scanner

How to correctly use a digital thermometer scanner? A complete guide

The digital thermometer has made work easier and saves time. Instead of waiting for minutes to get the result like the previous mercury thermometer. Now the digital thermometer scanner can give you instant results....
Google account log out

How to sign out of all your Google accounts at once on all devices?

Creating a google account gives you access to most Google products. Google Ads, Gmail, and YouTube can be logged in easily from your Google account. But when you sign in from multiple devices, your...
Mobile number porting

How to port a mobile number?

Changing from one mobile service provider to another can be useful from time to time. You need the right service provider, which gives you the best network connectivity and internet services. There are some...
WhatsApp backup

How to restore WhatsApp backup?

Storing all your WhatsApp chats and files online is important. It will help backup all your data without the fear of losing it. But restoring it can get complicated for users. By following a...

How to do WhatsApp video calls on the web?

The best messaging app has enabled the consumers to use the app on computers as well. Now you can text, call and video call other WhatsApp users from your computer. You can know exactly...

How to update the Google Play Store app?

Google keeps updating the Playstore without you even knowing. So many updates are available regularly. Updating the Play Store app regularly can help the performance of your other apps, too. Here is a useful...

Top 5 DIY YouTube channels to follow and subscribe

Watching Youtube has become a daily activity for many. Watching a DIY video keeps us motivated in doing things we never knew. It educates us. There are some great channels you can follow to...

Guide on how to enable hidden game mode in Android 12 beta

The Android 12 beta version has been recently rolled out by Google. It has many features available such as privacy and “hidden game mode” in the beta version. The all-new Android 12 will be...

Best way to organise your apps in any Android smartphone

Hunting down your most used app becomes exhausting when apps are scattered everywhere on your phone. There are a few smart ways you can arrange your apps on the screen. Check the guide below...