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PUBG Lite to be launched in four more countries on FEB 13

How to run PUBG Mobile on your PC or laptop?

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is currently one of the most played mobile games. Even though it has been banned in some regions, PUBG constantly updates its platform to stay in the market. PUBG Mobile...

How to get your Instagram account verified?

Almost every major social media platform uses some form of verification to identify and distinguish between the real and fake accounts of public figures, celebrities, or even a business. While most platforms have a...
Incognito mode for Google Maps now available for Android users, will be available to iOS users soon

How to use Google Maps like a pro?

Google Maps is probably one of the most used services of Google after YouTube and Gmail. It is also one among the biggest map platforms in the world today. What makes Google Maps such...

How to recover deleted emails?

Email is used by most of us today. It can be used for communicating with colleagues or even with your friends overseas. If you have subscribed to some services, then you would be depending...
Oneplus 7 for free

You can now win the OnePlus 7 for free: Find out how

We have some good news for you if you were planning to buy a OnePlus 7 smartphone. You can actually get the smartphone for free. We are not joking about this. There is a...
gmail logo

How to clean-up your Gmail?

Gmail is one of the most popular services of Google and most of us depend on it for sending and receiving emails. If you have been using the service for a long time, then...
USB drive error

How to Create Multiple Partitions on a USB-Drive in Windows 10?

USB devices are one of the most portable and useful devices in the tech world today. They are not just good for transferring or storing files but they can be used in a variety...

How to create GIFs on WhatsApp and YouTube

GIFs make conversations with friends more fun. In simple words, we can say that they are like animated pictures that showcase our feelings better. However, most of us rely on websites like GIPHY to...

How to Share games on Steam using the Family Sharing feature?

Steam is one of the best-known platform where you can legally buy and own a game online on your PC. In short, it is a digital marketplace for games of all kinds for PC...
ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

How to watch the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 matches on your smartphone or...

Did you miss India's match in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 yesterday because you were not home? Well, that's no reason to miss the match. World Cup doesn't happen every day. There are a...
Google Android Q's gesture navigation

Android Q Beta 4 Update Rolled Out: Things to Know in 2019

Technology giant Google has today rolled out the Android Q Beta 4 update. The company had officially unveiled the new operating system at its I/O conference last month and said that its stable build...
microsoft store

How to get a refund on the games and app purchases made from Microsoft...

It’s the era of online gaming and the days when one had to go to a shop to purchase games are long gone. With the rise in popularity of the internet, everything has been...
Oyo is now valued at $10 billion

OYO Store launched on Airtel Thanks app; here’s how to use it

OYO Hotels and Homes is a popular chain of leased and franchised hotels, homes and living spaces, and OYO is the company that poses as the Airbnb's biggest competitor in India. Today, the company...

Skype gets a new ‘Screen Share’ feature for Android and iOS apps; here’s how...

Skype is a video-calling platform that is used by anyone who is digitally connected at least some point in time. Earlier this year, Skype was testing a new feature for its Android and iOS...

How to authorize and deauthorize iTunes on Windows 10 and MacOS?

Apple may have disintegrated iTunes into three separate apps, but the company has confirmed to a technology website that no changes will be made to the service on the Windows platform. While iTunes on iPhones,...
OnePlus 7 OxygenOS 9.5.6 update

How to buy the brand new OnePlus 7 at just Rs 11,099

If you are a OnePlus fan, you would know that OnePlus 7 has gone on its first sale in India today. Although the Chinese smartphone brand launched the OnePlus 7 along with OnePlus 7...
Incognito mode for Google Maps now available for Android users, will be available to iOS users soon

How to Share Your Location and Trip Details on Google Maps 2019

How to Share Your Location ??? Here you go... Google Maps is one of the best apps to so to when you are looking for a way in a new place, trying to find a...
5 hacks to rectify your smartphone's bad signal strength

How to update the Android version on your smartphone

Software updates are very critical in keeping Android smartphones up to date. Since last year, a number of smartphone makers have improved in terms of rolling out Android updates and security patches to their...
How to find and use frames on Facebook Stories

How to find and use frames on Facebook Stories

Stories were initially started on Snapchat, which let users share images and videos with their friends for 24 hours. After multiple unsuccessful attempts of buying Snapchat and its building its own versions of the...
youtube streaming

How to live stream games on YouTube?

With the rise of good and popular games – single player or multiplayer – game streaming has become one of the biggest entertainment mediums. There are a number of ways to stream games, but...
USB drive error

How to fix the USB drive format error message in Windows

USB Drives are one of the wonders of modern technology, as they are a way for the users to carry a large amount of data. They can store a good number of movies, data,...
test more talk less

How to live with a smartphone with low internal storage

Smartphones today are able to store data beyond what we could have hoped for a few years ago as 128GB and 256GB internal storage has become a norm. People can use the data available...

What to do if you have forgotten your smartphone’s password, PIN or pattern?

Smartphones are one of the most important devices in today’s time, ad they make our everyday life easier. Smartphones store lots of our personal data and in a way, they know more about us...
Snapchat features truth or dare

How to Use the Snapchat Baby Filter in 2019 (Updated Guide)

Photo-messaging app Snapchat has finally made a much-needed comeback. The company recently added some new filters to the app and some of them have managed to create a stir on the social media. Particularly the...
267 million Facebook user’s data leaked on the web

How to block or report someone on Facebook

No matter how many privacy laws Facebook violates, it still remains one of the most widely used social networks worldwide. And you never know what you might find or who you might interact with...