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How to boost your WiFi signal while you are working from home

How to boost your WiFi signal while you are working from home

Our Government is taking several measures in the wake to control the coronavirus pandemic in India. Due to lockdown in several parts of the country, the offices have been shut down and the employees...
Google adds an option to easily share GIFs from its Search

How to turn on two-factor authentication for your Google account

Using various online services definitely makes our life so much easier. Take Google as an example. What would we even do without it? But then, it also makes us vulnerable to various risks on...

How to use FaceApp’s old-age filter?

The newest trend on social media is the old-age filter by FaceApp. Everyone is using the app to see what they will look like when they are older. The users of the app then...
Facebook started rolling out a new photo transfer tool

How to delete your Facebook account

Before we begin, there are two kinds of account deletions in Facebook, you can either temporarily or permanently delete your account. When your account is temporarily deleted then, people won’t be able to find...
relaince jio phone 2

JioPhone 2 to go on sale at 12pm today: How to buy

Reliance Jio’s upgraded version of the JioPhone is finally hitting the shelves today. Dubbed as JioPhone 2, the new phone by Reliance Jio will be available for purchase online starting today. Those who have...
5 hacks to rectify your smartphone's bad signal strength

4 hacks to rectify your smartphone’s bad signal strength

It can really be frustrating to deal with poor signal strength on your smartphone. Not to mention, it can make a simple task like sending a text message very time-consuming. This can get particularly...

How to recharge your prepaid mobile number using Facebook

Social media giant Facebook’s Android app got a revamp this week. For starters, the user interface of the app looks cleaner and the icons look different from what they were before. With this, Facebook’s...
Apple foldable phone

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

  People who are planning to switch from an iPhone to an Android device (which is becoming more common these days), transferring of contacts might trouble some. So, if you have to transfer your contacts...
microsoft store

How to get a refund on the games and app purchases made from Microsoft...

It’s the era of online gaming and the days when one had to go to a shop to purchase games are long gone. With the rise in popularity of the internet, everything has been...

How to create GIFs on WhatsApp and YouTube

GIFs make conversations with friends more fun. In simple words, we can say that they are like animated pictures that showcase our feelings better. However, most of us rely on websites like GIPHY to...
youtube streaming

How to live stream games on YouTube?

With the rise of good and popular games – single player or multiplayer – game streaming has become one of the biggest entertainment mediums. There are a number of ways to stream games, but...
instagram app

How to delete an Instagram account?

As we begin, you should know one thing beforehand. Once you deactivate your Instagram account then your profile, pictures, videos, comments would be permanently deleted. You can either temporarily deactivate your account or permanently....
267 million Facebook user’s data leaked on the web

How to report something on Facebook?

Facebook is not the safest and securest social platform in the world, but then, not any platform is 100% safe. Hateful, inappropriate and wrong content gets posted on social media every day. Most social...
ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

How to watch the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 matches on your smartphone or...

Did you miss India's match in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 yesterday because you were not home? Well, that's no reason to miss the match. World Cup doesn't happen every day. There are a...
WhatsApp: How to make a group voice or video call using WhatsApp

How to enable WhatsApp Dark Mode

Facebook owned social media app WhatsApp has been working on its new feature that is the dark mode for quite a few months now. The app users have been eagerly waiting for this feature...

What is cloud computing: Everything you need to know

Cloud computing refers to the transfer of computer data such as servers, storage, databases, analytics etc over the internet. This helps in faster innovation, providing flexible resources and greater economies of scale. You just...
test more talk less

How to live with a smartphone with low internal storage

Smartphones today are able to store data beyond what we could have hoped for a few years ago as 128GB and 256GB internal storage has become a norm. People can use the data available...
how to rotate your computer screen

How to rotate your computer screen or desktop

Sometimes, it accidentally might happen that due pressing the wrong set of keys your computer screen rotates to portrait mode. The correct position of your computer is the landscape mode where you are able...
Keyboard 3

How to speed up your computer? Here are 5 ways

Slowing down of your computer can be a very nasty problem indeed. If a file doesn’t open which you require urgently, then it can lead to lot a lot of frustration. Hence, tackling this...

How to connect your iPhone to your TV?

You can connect your iPhone with your TV either with the help of an HDMI Adapter and cable or an Analog Adapter and cable. First, we will help you skim through the instructions of...
gmail logo

How to schedule an email in Gmail

Gmail has added a number of useful features to its service and one among these is the option of scheduling emails. This new feature does what its name implies – it enables you to...
Bharti Airtel launched Rs 179 prepaid plan with a term life cover of Rs 2 lakh 

Airtel Wi-Fi calling is now live: How to use it and is your smartphone...

Network congestion and call drops are one of the major reasons a user switches to another mobile network. If you have an office or live in a basement, you are likely to get a...

Skype gets a new ‘Screen Share’ feature for Android and iOS apps; here’s how...

Skype is a video-calling platform that is used by anyone who is digitally connected at least some point in time. Earlier this year, Skype was testing a new feature for its Android and iOS...
what song is it?

How to find a song’s name

Let’s face it we all love music. It quite often happens that we overhear a melody and unconsciously start humming it as we find it soothing. But when we try to recall the song...
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ renders 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with S-pen to launch in New York today: How to...

Samsung has been on a roll in the past couple of months as they have launched a number of smartphones. These include the more aggressive A-Series and M-Series to the flagship Samsung Galaxy S10...