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Carbon Fiber Galaxy Watch Band: Durable, Comfortable, Fashionable

Everything you need to know.


What band are you using for your Galaxy Watch 4 or Watch 5? Leather, fabric, silicone, steel or other metal? It’s got to be one of those materials. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. It really depends upon what you need the most to pick the best Galaxy Watch band. But assume that you all want it to be durable, comfortable and stylish.

Leather and fabric watch bands are not as durable as steel, but they are lighter. Steel is tough, but it could be very heavy and uncomfortable. Luckily, there are other options. Carbon fibre watch bands have everything you need.


PITAKA’s Galaxy Watch 4/5 band is made of 100% genuine carbon fibre, which has a similar look to steel. In fact, carbon fibre is several times stronger than steel. And surprisingly, its weight is about 1/4 of steel.

Carbon fibre has been widely used for applications such as cars or airlines due to its high strength, low density and excellent resistance to high temperatures and corrosion. So you can imagine how long the carbon fibre watch band can last. It won’t age or break.

PITAKA is the first and seems the only brand that makes Galaxy Watch 4/5 band using carbon fibre. You might see or hear about other carbon fibre watch bands which are not “real” carbon fibre or entirely made of carbon fibre.


The 178mm-long carbon fibre Galaxy Watch band weighs about 30g. The lightweight construction adds no bulk or pressure to your wrist even if you wear it all day. If you want to reduce the length, PITAKA has provided tools and a tutorial that’s easy to follow.

Every link has been polished and painted, so the band is pleasant to the touch, and it does not pull out the hair. On the other hand, carbon fibre is sweat resistant, which means it helps the skin breathe and sweat less.


The Galaxy Watch 4/5 looks modern and beautiful. And the unique carbon fibre band makes it look more stylish.

The carbon fibre band is crafted in a minimalist design with a sophisticated style. The black and grey fibre twill slightly shifts tone under different light conditions. The unique finish adds a noticeable charm that stands out in a crowded market.

Additionally, the carbon fibre band is easy to install/remove. The patented magnetic clasp and security lock allows you to keep your Galaxy Watch firmly in place with a snap. And you can take it down with a single click.

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