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How to Grow as an Amazon Seller in 2023/24

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Managing ecommerce on any major platform is so competitive nowadays and Amazon is the biggest platform of them all. As we are heading deeper into the latter end of 2023, it is time to review your current business strategy on Amazon and augment it where possible. To that end, here are a few suggestions on how to grow as an Amazon seller with the near future in mind.

Check for and Eliminate Stagnancy

Even if you have had a fairly successful time so far on Amazon, check the last few quarters to see if you can notice a slight negative trend in sales. If it’s not there, then compare the sales per quarter to previous years and see if you can confirm a stagnancy or reduction in this year’s sales figures. If you find a downward trend in any of the comparisons, then it’s more often than not, a sign of stagnancy.

Stagnancy can mean different things for an Amazon seller, depending on what they are retailing, but the core idea always remains the same. Stagnancy in retail indicates that there is one or more areas of the business which are lacking in respect to the current market conditions and competition. For example:

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  • Your stock and Amazon listings might be outdated in comparison to the most relevant current market demands.
  • Your inventory could be running at a too-high or too-low capacity to properly meet the customer demands.

Clear old stocks with frequent sales, update your inventory to match the concurrent market demand and avoid overstocking or understocking products as best as possible.

Generate External Funds and Funnel Them into Expanding Your Amazon Shop

To generate money, you need to invest money, and your online business on Amazon is not an exception to that rule either. Generate additional funds by investing a portion of your profits into stocks, funds, and options. The options trade is the safer choice when you are relatively new to trading in general. If you need guidance on how to get started, get this book called Profitable Option Selling Strategies: A Comprehensive Guide.

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Branch Out into Retailing in Related Best Selling Product Categories

You can sell almost anything on Amazon, but are you taking full advantage of that fact? If your business involves retailing consumer electronics, why not take a look at the kind of electronics that sell best on Amazon? For example, laptops are one of the highest selling products overall on Amazon, but so is home entertainment. If you are selling electronic products in either one of the two categories, why not branch out into the other as well?

While you are at it, note that small office furniture is another top-selling item on Amazon. It means that you can start selling computer tables, desks, and ergonomic office chairs to further expand your inventory with the hottest-selling items on Amazon. The idea is to expand your online business with interconnected products that are selling well on Amazon right now and preferably, for a long time.

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