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Top 20 Apple Watch games you should download and play

Own an Apple watch? Or planning to buy a new one? Here are games to kill your boredom using Apple Watch.

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Apple Watch is a versatile and powerful piece of equipment that you can wear on your hand. It is one of the best wearables you can find on the market with some of the best-in-class features. Want to relax or just don’t want the boredom to possess you? Here are some great games that you can download and play on your Apple watch, and kill time easily. From classics to some new interesting games, install these games and have fun on the go without taking out your iPhone. Here are some paid and free Apple Watch games 2021

Par 72 Golf Watch

Golf may sound like a complicated game but actually, it’s easy once you have little knowledge. Even though there are limitations to the small form factor of the Apple Watch, Par 72 Golf works seamlessly. The graphics are good, making the game more interactive. Just select the right club, know the wind directions and apply the right amount of force, the game is that simple. The game is free for download and a must-have in your library.

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Download Here

  • 20 watch games – classic pack

20 watch games - classic pack

Love those classic NES games, which you used to play on TV? This classic game pack is the same thing. It’s just that you don’t have to take your TV around as your Apple watch is powerful enough. There are many interactive games like the infamous snake game, Minesweeper, Maze Man, Brick Breaker, Sudoku, and more. Install the game and get in touch with your childhood memories on the go.

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Download Here

  • Bubble Wars

Bubble Wars

Bubble shooters have been one of the most widely played games for decades. Over 10 million downloads worldwide the game is famous and has been on Apple Watch for years. The size of the bubbles are tiny so if you own a smaller version of the Apple Watch you might not be very comfortable. If this is not a problem, you will have a lot of fun playing this game.

Download Here

  • Solitaire The Game

Solitaire The Game

Solitaire is one of the best and easiest card games. If you are an early Windows user you might be very familiar with this game as it used to come pre-installed. The game is pretty much straight forward and you can kill hours to complete a game or two. Most of the people enjoy it and the game has a good rating on the store. If you don’t know how to play solitaire, search the internet. It is one of the easiest card games to understand and play.

Download Here

  • Ping Pong – Watch Retro Game

Ping Pong - Watch Retro Game

The infamous ping pong game was the stepping stone in the journey of multiplayer gaming consoles. Yes, the screen size is small here and two players playing simultaneously will be difficult but at least you will be having an option to share a time-killing game. There is a solo mode as well so that if you are alone and can play with a computer. You can also select the difficulty level and challenge your skills.

Download Here



Soviet artificial intelligence from 1985 is trying to communicate with you and it doesn’t know that the Cold war is over. Chat with AI to convince it not to start another war as it is connected to the second largest nuclear arsenal. You have to try various responses to see where the game takes you.  Try this basic but fun adventure game to see if you can save the world.

Download Here

  • Arcadia – Arcade Watch Games

Arcadia - Arcade Watch Games

Remember back in the days those huge arcade machines and spending hours to complete a level or kill time. Technology has changed it all, this game has multiple arcade games that you might have enjoyed in your childhood. Just install the application and enjoy. These games are highly optimised to utilise the Watch’s screen properly. The application has a total of 18 games with the same arcade soundtrack to enhance the experience.

Download Here

  • Jellifish tap

Jellifish tap

Flappy birds took over the internet a few years ago. The game got famous because it was fun and difficult at the same time. This encouraged people to play it more. Jellyfish tap works on the same phenomenon. You have to tap the screen and stay afloat. To make it difficult there are obstacles that you must avoid to survive.

Download Here

  • Pop


Imagine having a bubble wrap attached to your wrist, which you can use any time to relieve stress and pass your time. Pop is a bubble wrap simulator that you can use to pop bubbles. If you are not settled with only popping bubbles, try using the competition mode that helps you compete with your family and friends and see who can pop more bubbles in a period.

Download Here

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  • Magic 8 bit 8 ball

Magic 8 bit 8 ball

Way back in 1983, the 8-bit ball was the start of the smart assistants that we use now. It was more of a gimmick, but it is a prediction application with which you can have lots of fun. Are you confused about something like going to a place or with someone? Ask the Magical ball to solve your problem. Remember it is just an application and a fun time killer. Do not start to rely on all the decisions it makes. 

Download Here

  • Checkers


Classic NYC game, which is played all over the world. Instead of finding a partner and talking out time with them to set up a checkerboard why not play the game anytime and compete with your Apple Watch. The best feature about this game is that it supports autosave so you might not complete a game in one go, but you can come back to it and continue from the last point whenever you want.

Download Here

  • Laps


The game is simple yet challenging. All you have to do is avoid the square space crashing onto the wall. That’s not it, every time you tap the screen will rotate 90 degrees to confuse your mind. Adding to it, you will also face a direction change every 5 moves. The further you go the harder and faster it gets. A perfect time killer for you.

Download Here

  • FruitPot


Get a Las Vegas slot machine-like experience just with a few taps on your Apple Watch. Remember,  you cannot win real money with this application, but it is a fun way to pass time. Spend the 100 chips given to you in starting to unlock more games and slot machines to tickle the gambling worm in your brain.

Download Here

  • Chess


This game is good for chess lovers. Now you can play chess on your wrist. With Apple Smartwatch you can play chess with real-time players across the globe and the game is free for everyone. If you use another Apple device you can also play this game with a computer to enhance your skills.

Download Here

  • Games for Watch

Games for Watch

Love the classics like Tic Tac Toe, Hangman or 2048? The application is perfect for you. Challenge your spellings with a hangman and save the man from getting hanged or sharpen your maths by combining numbers in 2048. The application opens a window with a few games that you will love to play and invest your time in.

Download Here

  • Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack

Trivia quizzes are the best way to learn something new every day. It’s crazy to imagine the fun of a trivia quiz right on your Apple Watch. Trivia Crack has many categories to choose from to play the quiz. The application is very easy to use with interesting graphics to keep you glued to your Watch’s screen for hours.

Download Here

  • Pocket Plants

Pocket Plants

Staying healthy with your busy schedule seems difficult? Imagine making it a lot simpler. The Pocket Plants app helps you with goal-oriented jobs to progress through the game. You are responsible for a plant and to make it grow faster and better. You need to provide it with water and sunlight to get a better score. Seems easy? There is more to it, to provide essentials to your plant you will be needing coins and those can be earned by walking. Ideal for those who want to kill boredom and stay healthy.

Download Here

  • Watch Pet

Watch Pet

Scientists have proved that having a pet gives a positive impact on your mental health and it gives you happiness. But is your landlord not allowing them or you do not have time to take care of them physically? The application is helpful for such users. They can own a pet in the virtual world and pet them whenever they want. Not only playing, but you also need to take proper care of them which makes it a little more challenging.

Download Here

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  • Truth or Dare‼

Truth or Dare‼

Are you throwing a party with your friends and want to have some fun? Why not try the truth or dare game. Usually, the questions become so unfair when played with your friends, but this application eliminates that as it picks up questions and dares for you. From easy to extreme, choose the level of session you want to have. Though some of the questions are not appropriate for children so do make sure to remove/bypass them if this is the case.

Download Here

  • ColorSwitch! 


An interesting brain teaser to sharpen your motor skills as well. The game works on the Stroop Effect, which is a psychological phenomenon where the name of a colour is spelt out in a different colour. There will be a timer running to make it even more competitive. The game is fun and can be challenging so be careful not to smash your watch as Apple Care might not cover it.

Download  Here

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