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Ways To Save Your Battery While Playing Mobile Games


Poor battery life is a gamer’s worst nightmare. However, you can do a few things when you need to get the most out of your charge. There are some advanced features that you don’t use, which consume the battery rapidly. Whether you want to play free casino games or indulge in a quick gaming session when coming back from work, we have some tips to prolong the battery charge.

Adjust brightness

While you might prefer playing online pokies NZ in maximum brightness, you better think twice. When your screen is set to high brightness, it will consume more battery. To ensure optimal use, turn off the auto brightness. This feature has a sensor that enters the light and increases the screen brightness accordingly. Keep the brightness low when you don’t play. When you wish to enjoy a good game, increase it a little. If you have an android phone, you can add a widget to your home screen that makes controlling brightness too much more manageable.

Decrease screen time out

The time out refers to the time your screen will remain lit after your last activity on the phone. The standard timing is 30 seconds. However, you might have increased it to a couple of minutes because you needed to read something. You can find this feature in settings for both iPhone and Android. You can also lower the time out to 15 seconds. However, you might find it annoying. Work with whatever suits your needs, and you will notice the changes in battery life.

Turn on battery saver mode

The battery-saver mode will turn off some features and preserve your battery. What this mod does depends on your specific phone. For example, this mode will turn off the iPhone’s background data and some visual effects.

On the other hand, the battery-saving mode in Android could look better. It restricts a few functions, and the note stating the mode is turned on is overwhelming. However, Sony, Samsung, and a few other brands created the crown battery-saving mode. You can keep the mode on and turn it off when you start playing since it can restrict specific background processes.

Airplane mode

Even though an airplane mode wordle leaves your phone useless regarding functions, it can certainly save your battery. This option is ideal if you’re traveling, as the phone will drain the battery quickly when scanning for networks. You can switch off the mobile data if it is too much and you need to be available.

Turn off vibrations

The vibrations on your phone come from a motor, which consumes a battery. Therefore, turning off the vibrations for incoming calls, notifications, and the keyboard would be better.

Uninstall unused apps

Apps can perform background processes that consume batteries. Therefore it would be best to remove the ones you don’t use anymore. Delete the games you don’t like anymore, as closing them doesn’t prevent them from performing background actions.

Get an external battery

Sometimes, all the steps mentioned above will make a slight difference. You might want to use maximum brightness or have no unused apps to ditch. Get an external one if you still wish to enjoy prolonged battery life. Carry it in your pocket or bag, and you will never be afraid of a low battery again. There are so many different types available in the market. Make sure to get an excellent product to ensure years of use. Avoid cheap external batteries since they might only work for a short time.

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