Home Reviews Mivi Duopods F50 Review: Doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket

Mivi Duopods F50 Review: Doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket

Let's look at the Mivi Duopods F50 review, which we have been using for over 10 days.

Mivi Duopods F50 Review: Doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket

The dominance of other well-known brands like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus, etc is being challenged by Indian tech companies when it comes to wireless earbuds. The Indian ones have a beautiful appearance and are fairly well-priced. However, there are times when their audio quality and overall performance miss the mark when compared to the well-known of industry leaders. The brand-new Mivi Duopods F50 wireless earphones, which cost roughly Rs 1,000, recently went on sale. Let’s look at the Mivi Duopods F50 review, which we have been using for over 10 days.

Mivi Duopods F50 Review: Design and Performance

Let’s start by discussing the design. The casing of the Mivi Duopods F50 is fashioned like a pebble. They have four vertically positioned LEDs on the front that light and red and blue LEDs on the earbuds indicate pairing status and battery life, respectively. They are composed entirely of plastic. The housing of the earbuds is light yet strong enough to withstand accidental falls even though it is constructed of plastic.

The affordable earbuds come in four different colours: white, black, blue, and coral. The option we have for testing is the colour blue.

Both earbuds are open in shape and have a stem-like appearance. No matter how snugly they may fit, they don’t enter the ear canal. Since the earbuds lack rubber tips, we discovered that they never seem to comfortably fit into our ears and occasionally fell out. Background noise made it difficult to listen to music because the loose fit failed to successfully seal our ears. So, you have to keep the volume high to cut out the ambient noise.

Due to the Mivi Duopods F50’s IPX4 rating, you may use them anywhere, including in the gym or while exercising in the rain. These earphones come with touch-sensitive controls that may be used for volume control and music switching. By double tapping the left earpiece, the voice assistant can be activated. To answer or end a call, you can also double-tap the right earpiece. The right earbud must be double-tapped to start or stop the music. Additionally, by pressing on the right bud, users can change the volume without constantly taking their phone out of their pocket.

A USB-C port for charging can be found at the bottom of the case. After initial setup, simply take the earbuds out of the charging case and connect them to your device and it will automatically pair. The device features Bluetooth 5.1 capabilities with a 10-metre range.

The duopods produce distortion-free music thanks to their 13mm dynamic drivers. The earphones are suitable for casual use but do not give professional-grade audio quality, therefore they do not sound amazing in terms of audio quality. Nice but not excessively deep bass response is received. 

However, there is no issue with this in relation to vocals. They were distinct and clear, making them a fantastic option if you enjoy singing. Additionally, compared to other devices we’ve lately tried, the sound was much louder, as we uncovered. When it comes to gaming, there is a lag.

One more thing about the sound: it’s recommended to keep it at 80% or lower because the music sounds a bit distorted when the volume is turned up all the way.

However, the battery life of the Duopods F50 is remarkable. The 500mAh battery in these Mivi earphones provides 50+ hours of continuous use. The case can recharge the earphones five times, and it offers about 9 hours of talk time. With a short 10-minute charge, the battery backup may last for about 10 hours.

We have to mention, the call quality on the Duopods F50 is excellent and the other person can hear you perfectly. Although passive noise cancellation technology aids in reducing background noise, they are nonetheless susceptible to it when you are commuting.


Given the price, we believe that the Mivi Duopods F50 TWS is far better than some of the earbuds we have used in the same price bracket. We state in every review that the fit and audio quality are purely subjective. They cannot be compared to high-end TWS earbuds like Apple Airpods or Samsung Galaxy Buds. We can draw the conclusion that the sound and quality are suitable for casual use, such as watching movies or listening to podcasts and are ideal for the majority of listeners.

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