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Sennheiser IE300 earphones review: Damn! These can sing well!

Sennheiser IE300 earphones review

Sennheiser is a company that is renowned to produce some interesting pieces of audio equipment for daily users as well as premium end audiophile. This time they have taken a very bold stance, and in all likelihood, it will pay well for them, in the form of Sennheiser IE300 high-fidelity earphones. We have been playing some of our favourite tunes on them for some time and this is our review of the very first-rate Sennheiser IE300.


Out of the box, the Sennheiser IE300’s scream for your attention. The design of these pair of earphones is something we have not seen before. The form factor is very different from others. Starting from the V-shaped earphones to the detachable cable to the finish of the earpieces. Though it is plastic, the finish is very high-end somewhat inspired by granite stone and the night sky. Here you will get the Sennheiser branding as well on the outside and inside you will find IE300 written.

Simply put, these look really really good!

The Sennheiser IE300 have to be worn in a different manner, while the pointy V end of earphones goes towards the back of the ear cavity, the flexible wires come out from the top of the ears going down behind the ear to the smartphone or any audio device. This way they stay in place and do not fall off, even when you are running on a treadmill or out on a cycle run. Also, so that users do not get confused the left and right indication is placed on each earpiece’s stem.

The rest of the wire is also made of silverish plastic and not the usual braided string mesh. At the end of it, you find the L-shaped 3.5mm gold plated audio port. In the box, you will also get 3 additional silicon ear tips, choose which fits you the best and is most comfortable. Over that, a premium (squarish) hard carry case is also part of the package. All in all, the Sennheiser IE300 are a very well-built pair of premium earphones.

Sennheiser IE300 Performance

Coming to its audio resonance, the Sennheiser IE300 have been made for people who want nothing short of pure audio excellence. The 7mm audio drivers in these earphones supply excellent highs, mids and bass. Built for comfort listening, the IE300 provided us with a superb audio experience. But the gamer in us kept shouting, try them out while gaming. To our amazement, in many ways, these were better than the professional Razer headphones we have been using for gaming.

Impressed, we further put it to the test, testing it with multiple devices such as a laptop, smartphone, tablet, and a Sony audio system. To our amazement, the Sennheiser IE300 never gave us a chance to bicker. They kept performing consistently and we remained falling in love with them. Yes, due to the new way they are built, getting used to them does take some time. As at first these not as comfy to wear, but after some time the ear got used to it and changing the silicon tip in accordance with our ear cavity size, made the experience better.


Overall, Sennheiser IE300 are for people who want something premium from their earphones. The price might seem steep for some at Rs 29,990. But if you can afford it and like the in-ear audio phone experience then these are definitely for you. They also passively cancel outside interference/ambience noise as well, you can pick them up if you want a superb audio experience, no matter where you are.

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