Home How To iPhone Hotspot Keeps Disconnecting or Stops working: Best 5 Fixes

iPhone Hotspot Keeps Disconnecting or Stops working: Best 5 Fixes

Need uninterrupted data usage? Fix your iPhone hotspot in these easy steps.

iPhone Hotspot Keeps Disconnecting or Stops working: Best 5 Fixes

Creating a personal hotspot on your iPhone is an easy way to access the web on another device, especially if you’re outside and don’t have access to a public Wifi. However, sometimes your hotspot may show some unexpecting glitches, hindering your web usage. Today, we show you the best 5 fixes to keep the iPhone hotspot from disconnecting or stopping working.

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Turn your hotspot back on

Sometimes your iPhone disables the hotspot by itself after an extended period of inactivity. While it may be annoying to some, this feature actually helps in saving your iPhone battery and keeps your data safe from being used by other foreign devices that may connect to your iPhone.

Simply go to Settings>Personal Hotspot to turn it back on.

Check Data Usage

Your iPhone hotspot may stop using once you’ve used up all your mobile data. In order to check if you’ve exceeded the data limit, go to Settings>Mobile data and check under ‘Personal hotspot’.

Disable Low Power Mode

If your iPhone is running on a low battery, it may have automatically the Low Power Mode. Low Power Mode shuts off any secondary functions and keeps only the essential tasks running on your phone in order to save battery. This means background tasks like app updates, downloads, and the personal hotspot may shut down.

Go to Settings>Battery and disable Low Power Mode.

Disable Low Data Mode

Quite like the Low Power Mode, Low Data Mode can be turned on to cut off any excessive mobile data usage. Once you enable it, all your background tasks that use mobile data will be turned off. This includes your personal hotspot.

To turn Low Data Mode off, go to Settings>Mobile Data>Mobile Data Options and select your primary SIM card. Disable Low Data Mode in the following window.

Update iOS

If you’re using one of the previous iOS versions, you might want to update to the latest one. Some bugs are known to notoriously pop-up on the older iOS versions once a new one becomes available. 

To install the latest version of iOS to your device, go to Settings>General>Software update.

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These were some of the easiest ways to keep iPhone Hotspot from disconnecting or stopping working. If the problem still persists, you may perform a network settings reset or update your carrier settings. You can even try unpairing and pairing your device back again.

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