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10 must-download utility apps for new Android smartphone power user

Are you new to Android? If yes, these utility applications will make your Android experience awesome.

10 must-download utility apps for new Android smartphone power user

Millions of people, while buying their first smartphone, go for the Android operating system. Its straightforward appearance and work give much more flexibility to the users in an unrestricted manner. However, if you are completely new to Android smartphones or switching from iOS to Android, you may struggle in the initial stages in figuring out how things work. The following list presents the best utility apps that you can download to make your Android experience interesting and effective. These are exceptional for power users. Try them out.

1) BetterBatteryStats

Using BetterBatteryStats, you can easily examine the apps that consume your phone’s battery. It recommends healing actions to disable such apps for enhancing and saving battery life. It also constantly gauges the impact of probable actions and assists you in choosing the best options to expand your device’s battery.


2) Root Call Blocker

This app is a very effective call and SMS blocker particularly designed for spam and root users. Unlike other spam blocking apps, Root Call Blocker prevents spam messages even if they don’t come to the default messaging app. To block spam calls, the app stops the phone from ringing and directly rejects, ignores, and hangs up the incoming spam calls based on your preferences.

Root Call Blocker

3) DiskDigger Photo Recovery

DiskDigger is a backup mechanism that can restore photos that you accidentally deleted. This app also allows you to directly send the recovered files to cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox. It runs on non-rooted devices but in a restricted mode for photographs only. Over that, if you can provide the root access, it can search for videos too.

DiskDigger Photo Recovery

4) System Monitor Lite

System Monitor is an intelligent app that gives real-time statistics regarding your Android operating system using attractive animations and graphs. You can also observe your device’s CPU, input and output, RAM, networks, apps usage, and battery life. This kind of information is helpful in understanding and regulating the installed apps and optimize performance.

System Monitor Lite

5) Smart Booster – Free Cleaner

Smart Booster is a utility app that boosts up the RAM installed on your Android smartphone. You can clear all the cached data and cookies from your smartphone’s memory with a single click to make it available for other apps. Moreover, it works as an effective application manager that not only enhances the performance or optimizes your device but also scans and deletes all the junk data created by the installed apps.

Smart Booster – Free Cleaner

6) ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is an efficient and fully featured file manager that enables you to analyze, access, and manage the file system. It can handle almost all file management operations and several kinds of memory like cloud, SMTP, and FTP. ES File Explorer comes with a ‘Wi-Fi File Transfer’ functionality to send and receive files between wirelessly connected devices without any cost. By using the ‘Remote File Manager’ functionality, you can manage the files of your smartphone from your PC.

ES File Explorer

7) Dumpster Photo & Video Restore

Dumpster Photo & Video Restore is a fully-featured recycle bin application by which you can restore deleted documents and media files. As an enhancement to these features, you get the ‘Auto Clean’ option and a bonus cloud storage facility. The application comes with a special ‘Lock Screen’ option to facilitate secured access to all your documents and media files.

Dumpster Photo & Video Restore

8) Flynx

Flynx is a productivity app that helps you open multiple articles or links in the background from all popular apps on your Android device. It automatically loads them in the background and shows floating icons for them like Messenger’s Chat Heads. The app keeps you from waiting for links to load, and also lets you get back to them anytime.


9) Automate

Automate is a scripter and an automation app that allows you to automate tasks and actions that you do on your Android smartphone including configuring settings and toggling hardware. By using this user-friendly application, you can send messages and emails by scheduling them as per location and time. The automation feature works by creating visual flowcharts and timelines.


10) Coolify

Coolify is a utility application that helps in reducing the temperature of your device. This application is particularly important for those who play high-end online games for sustained hours. This app optimizes the uses of apps that you are not using currently, thereby enhancing the performance of the hardware of the device. It also keeps a check on the currently running application to maintain the optimum temperature of the smartphone.


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