Home Reviews Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review: A perfect fitness tracker 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review: A perfect fitness tracker 

Are you looking for the best smartwatch? Check out our Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review: A perfect fitness tracker 

Samsung recently introduced the Galaxy Watch 4 with the new WearOS platform based on its custom OneUI, effectively killing off its TysonOS platform. The new Galaxy Watch Series is one of the most exciting wearables this year. The Watch 4 Classic and the Watch 4 are the two models announced by the company. The regular Watch 4 has a sporty appearance and feels like a follow-up to the Watch Active 2 that was released a few months ago. So there you have it, our review of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is below and you should go through it if you are planning to buy it. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review: Design and Display 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is available in two sizes: 40mm and 44mm, and we have the latter for review. In terms of construction, the regular Watch 4 has an aluminum frame and weighs 30gm. The smartwatch has a soft silicon band that comes in a variety of colour options. We reviewed the silver shade with an aluminum frame on the unit.

As previously stated, it has a soft silicone band that causes no skin irritation or allergies when worn all day.  

It should be observed that the company has redesigned the navigation buttons on the sides, as compared to the circular ones found on the previous year’s models. The most recent ones are spaced widely apart, rectangular in shape, and are equipped with BioActive Sensors. This device has three useful health features, including optical heart rate, bioelectrical impedance analysis, and the ability to assess blood pressure, AFib irregular heartbeat, blood oxygen level, and, most saliently, body composition. 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4’s display is circular in shape. It has a 1.4 – inch SAMOLED display with a resolution of 450 x 450 pixels and a pixel density of 330 PPI. The watch’s display is protected by Gorilla Glass DX +. The wearable is 5ATM + IP68 certified, as well as MIL-STD-810G certified. The screen on the Galaxy smartwatch is of high quality, with vibrant colours and a high contrast ratio. The viewing angles are perfect and the brightness level is flawless. Not only that, the screen has an auto-brightness adjustment, which is excellent. 

The Galaxy Watch 4 does, however, provide a selection of customisable watch faces to choose from. You can also download over a hundred watch faces from the play store using the wearable.  

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review: Performance

After that, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is powered by the Exynos W920 Dual-core 1.18GHz 5nm processor, which is said to be a 20% faster CPU, 50% more RAM, and a GPU that is 10 times faster than its predecessor. It has an impressive 16GB of memory, which is enough space to save content such as apps, music, photos, and other files that are too secure with Samsung’s Knox Security

A single tap of the home button introduces you to the home screen, where you can customise the actions with double and long presses. Similarly, the back key can be set to return to the previous screen or to display a list of recently opened apps. As previously stated, the superior Galaxy Watch 4 Classic has a rotating bezel design; however, the regular model provides similar digital capabilities by touching and rotating the screen clockwise or anticlockwise.  

Swiping down brings up the control panel, while swipes to the left and right bring up notifications and widgets. You can now host the app launcher by swiping up from the edge. In addition to English, the incoming notifications support Hindi and emojis. While the Galaxy Watch 4’s haptic feedback and vibration are quite good. 

Now, let’s talk about the Galaxy Watch 4’s fitness and health features. As said, the smartwatch provides body composition measurement, which is not available on any other device. Other features of the new three-in-one bioactive sensor include optical heart rate, electrical heart rate, and a bioelectrical impedance analysis sensor. This enables it to detect AFIB irregular heartbeat, blood oxygen level, blood pressure, and body composition. 

The button contains electrodes that measure various metrics such as skeletal muscle, basal metabolic rate, body water, and body fat percentage. With just two fingers, you can now easily calculate your body composition from your wrist. The watch’s sensor will collect 2,400 data points in about 15 seconds. This feature provides you with a more in-depth understanding of your overall health and fitness. 

Aside from that, there are a plethora of wellness features to track your daily activities such as sleep, women’s health, SpO2, and stress level. By connecting your Galaxy Watch 4 to a compatible Samsung Smart TV, you can choose from a variety of guided workouts, participate in Group Challenges with your friends and family, or set up a home gym. The Samsung Watch can continuously or manually record heart rate and stress levels. The SpO2 and sleep tracking have also been accurate. 


The sleep score, on the other hand, assists you in analyzing your sleep quality. The device can monitor your blood pressure and ECG levels, but this feature is not available in India. 

The Galaxy Watch 4 can also track up to 95 different workout modes, including cycling, running, hiking, swimming, and many others. There is, however, an automatic workout detection system that is both accurate and slow. The workout details can be viewed on your smartphone’s Health App. 

Surprisingly, the smart wearable can also monitor your snoring, but in this case, you must sleep with your smartphone on your side while it charges. Also, you can also participate in group challenges with your friends and family. 

In terms of battery life, the Watch is outfitted with a standard 361mAh battery. The company claims that its smartwatch has a battery life of up to 40 hours and can last for 10 hours with only 30 minutes of charging. However, we were able to achieve a battery life that was comparable to that claimed by Samsung. The company includes a 5W WPC base Qi wireless charger that takes more than two hours to fully charge. 

When it comes to calling quality, the receivers had no trouble hearing us, but the speaker on this device is not very loud.  


To summarise, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is unquestionably the greatest blessing in the Android wearable technology sector. The combination of the company’s hardware and classy user interface design, combined with Android Store compatibility, results in an unforgettable experience. So, whether you have an Android device and just want the finest fitness tracker available, go here.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 pros and cons


  • Sturdy
  • Eye-catching design
  • Vibrant display
  • Supports Google Play Store


  • No support for ECG and Blood Pressure support for the Indian market
  • Lacks iOS support
  • Battery life could have been better

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