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Best Health and Fitness Apps 2021

Want to lose weight? No problem, Check out these 5 best health and fitness apps, rated above 4 on the google play store


Obesity is definitely not a new problem, but due to this prevailing Covid 19 situation, the health-related issues are escalating, everybody is suggested to stay indoors. It is very important to stay fit in order to live a healthy and happy life during these times and ahead. We have listed down 5 applications that will take care of your obesity, thyroid, and other health-related issues. Check out our list of top apps that will keep you healthy.


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Cult is a fitness startup located in Bengaluru that focuses on training programmes that don’t require any machines or equipment. Cult offers a variety of martial arts, yoga, and outdoor activities with a focus on fitness.

There are different kinds of Workouts feasible for different age groups and body types, by highly qualified trainers. 

This app does not limit itself to workouts but mindfulness too, there are pre-recorded meditation sessions available as well. In these sessions, there is meditation for stress relief, breathing exercises, and sleep stories. On it, you will also get to know about various kinds of recipes that one can make for a healthy diet. You will get the package of Cult for only Rupees 150/month and can also have a trial before subscribing to it.


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Possible is a nutrition-based healthcare company that provides research-based nutrition products and programs that promote long-term health, weight loss, and illness management

This platform’s goal is to help you live a long and disease-free life by using food as medicine. It is made possible by food, and we make it feasible for nutritious food to be delicious.

On it, there are several programs to boost your immunity from issues like obesity, diabetes, PCOS, and thyroid. One can just book an appointment with the consultant and register them to the app.

One can also shop for essential food items to get to the best health level as one desires. There are also courses that include online challenges like the weight loss challenge and Diabetes reversal challenge. 

Smart Diet Planner

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Smart Diet Planner provides a free personalized diet for Weight Management based on the lifestyle and taste you have. There is a guide for habits you should follow for your life, a guide for nutrition and calories, like good eating habits or sleeping habits. They also share the science behind each habit, track adoption of habit, and alert when the person is failing. 

You can simply log into the application and take a free trial followed by the paid version of the application. 

Healthify Me 

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HealthifyMe is a digital health and wellness platform based in India that offers calorie counting, one-on-one nutrition and fitness coaching, and diet and workout regimens, among other things.

The application has 19 million+ happy users and 600+ coaches. The HealthifyMe app, one of the first few Indian apps to offer calorie tracking for Indian food, asks the users to log their meals and compute their calorie intake. 

Nutrition guidance and a fitness trainer are included in the commercial version of the app, which costs Rs 1,299 a month.

Lose Weight In 30 Days

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This app is designed to help you reduce weight quickly and safely. It has structured workouts, diet plans at your disposal.

It has been clinically demonstrated to aid in the improvement of one’s health and fitness. You may synchronize your workout and calorie data. The app is free and gives 30-day workout and meal plans.

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