This International Yoga Day download this app to learn purest form of Yog and Meditation


Today is the 4th edition of International Yoga Day. If you are one of those who wants to learn about real Yog and Sadhna (most call it Yoga in the modern world) in its purest form, then you can download this app by Dhyan Foundation called Sanatan Kriya and Vedic Chants by Yogi Ashwini. The app is available on both, Android and iOS, app stores and can be downloaded for free. You can download the Android version here and the Apple iOS version by clicking on this link here.

“A mantra is coded form of energy in the form of sound (dhwani)”, says Yogi Ashwini

The app is completely ad free, hardly takes any space on your mobile and will take you through Vedic (ancient) chants and mantras recited in the purest form by Yogi Ashwini, as it was done thousands of years ago by rishi’s and muni’s of that time. Users will find the whole process of Yog called Sanatan Kriya that takes about 30-40 minutes to complete on this app in both, Hindi and English. This is a kriya (procedure) that can be done on a daily basis and is very simple to follow. One can even download the audio on their mobile phones and other devices if they are worried about mobile internet usage. This kriya brings your body back into balance and health, just remember to keep your spine straight to reap maximum benefit.

Over that, the app also has as special Vedic Chants section, where users will find lot of Vedic mantras and chants. The app enables users to learn and perform the chants, and mantras in the correct manner. You will find everything from the OM chant to the Ram Chant on it. Mantras include, Shri Gayatri Mantra, Poorna Mantra and Shri Mahamrityunjai Mantra. There is full Hanuman Chalisa also available on this app.

We would like to specially mention about the Shanti Path audio in the app. This mantra does wonders if you are feeling hyper in any manner. We have tried it out ourselves and it always relaxes our mind and body.

Overall, this is a great app by Dhyan Foundation and is a must download. It is easy to navigate and one will not be lost in it. There are plenty of other activities which Dhyan Foundation does to spread the true meaning of Yoga, to know more about it you can head over to They also have free Yoga sessions every week too, in all major cities of India (like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ludhiana Etc) and also abroad like Canada, Germany and UK.

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