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How to play Online Casino Games Using Your Smartphone Safely

Smartphone safety is important.

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Mobile phone penetration has hit unprecedented levels during the last few years, with current figures in the United States indicating that 82.2% of the population uses a smartphone. This phenomenon has created an opportunity for businesses to reach a much larger audience. The gambling industry has moved aggressively to increase and dominate the growing market share.

With the increase in the number of online casinos came the need to differentiate themselves so as to appeal to a loyal clientele. Every credible casino offered a casino bonus of one form or another. However, as the industry becomes more and more mainstream, online casino operators are faced with playing in a safe online environment that will guarantee the security of their funds and data.

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Tips on Playing Safely on your Mobile Phone

Here are a few measures that a gambler can take to play safely on their mobile phones:

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1.    Ensure the online casino website is licensed

A licensed website will confirm that the online casino is carrying out legal activities. This information is found at the website’s footer, or in a section called ‘Licensing’. A licensed website has its numbers generator periodically audited to ensure RTP (return to player) percentages are fair, offering games that are not rigged.

When registering an account on a licensed casino website, the player should expect all payment information to be handled securely to avoid abuse. The player should also be assured that all complaints or queries will be quickly responded to with helpful feedback.

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2.    Look out for Two-Factor Authentication

Laws governing online gaming activities have made it mandatory for all iGaming websites to make use of two-factor authentication. This system requires the user to prove they are the authorised owners of the account by presenting two different authentication factors.  The options could include a fingerprint or face ID, a password, or a one-time code from the OTP token.

Gamers are protected from identity and payment fraud, while the company avoids expensive lawsuits from people whose personal data was leaked. Logging in from a new mobile phone will also prompt for proof of identification.

3.    Secure Payment Options

To keep clients’ data confidential and away from the reach of hackers, casino websites need to implement a few security protocols. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a data protection measure that keeps the gamer’s information safe. It is mandatory for all genuine sites as it prevents scammers from carrying out phishing attacks.

These protocols not only help the casino build trust with their customers and comply with regulations, it also helps gamers to identify genuine gambling sites. The HTTPS letters at the beginning of the URL will guide the gambler to access a connection that is secure.

4.    Keep your Playing Device Secure

In the search for a legitimate gambling site, the mobile phone is prone to malware. The virus that has made its way into the phone application may obtain sensitive passwords or hack your bank account. Ensure that an antivirus is installed and continuously updated.


As much as the onus falls on the casino operator to guarantee safe transactions, the gambler should also play their part. Approach all sites cautiously and ensure all safety protocols items are checked.

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