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This is how Microsoft plans to curb future database security breach, after the recent...

Database security breach is something that millions of Internet users are worried about. The latest news comes from Microsoft which reported that about 250 million Customer Service and Support (CSS) records was “accidently” exposed...
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Two in three hotel websites leak guest booking details: Symentec researcher

Are you planning to go on a vacation? Do make sure that you pick the right hotel or else you may have your information leaked. A Principal Threat Researcher at cybersecurity company Symantec, Candid...

State Bank of India data breach: Account balance, phone numbers of millions exposed

India's largest bank, the State Bank of India (SBI) has suffered a data breach that has left the data of millions of users exposed. The data breach is said to have happened because shockingly,...



Acer P Series Android TV (42-inches) review: Quite good for the...

Acer is a Taiwanese company that is famous for exceptional laptops and computer products. Now they have licensed their brand to Indkal Technologies who...

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How to create your own cryptocurrency_

How to create your own cryptocurrency?

With the rise of the crypto market, you might be tempted to start your own currency as well. Well, the theory says anyone in...