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How to use WebOTP API in Google Chrome to receive OTPs from smartphone to PC

How to use WebOTP API in Google Chrome to receive OTPs from smartphone to...

Google Chrome is a widely used web browser on both PC and mobile. The best feature of this browser is its cross-platform capabilities. Chrome 93 is the company's latest update. Now you can receive...
Google Chrome browser download

Best ways to increase download speed in Google Chrome Browser

Having to download at high speed from the internet is one thing everyone wants and needs. The first thing that is needed for a faster download is better internet bandwidth of course, but there...
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Best ways to fix if pages do not load on Google Chrome in Windows...

Google Chrome has been the most preferred internet browser by many netizens. But the Web browser can sometimes run into problems such as not being able to load pages. This kind of error can...
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How to enable PDF viewer in Google Chrome browser?

Google Chrome can be used to open PDF documents on your computer. The new version of Chrome browser v87 includes a new redesigned PDF reader. The new edition has integrated support for page thumbnail,...
Google Chrome default search

How to change the default search engine in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome has been the best browser choice for browsing the internet. Google Chrome's natural choice of a search engine is Google, but you also have the option to change the default search engine....
Google Chrome default search

How to remove saved passwords from Google Chrome browser on smartphone and PC

Browsing in Google Chrome is the most convenient way to surf the internet. With so many good features, the chrome web browser is one of the best out there. One of its unique features...
Google to roll out new protection features for Enhanced Safe Browsing users in new Chrome update

Google to roll out new protection features for Enhanced Safe Browsing users in new...

The Internet has indeed made our life easier during the tough times when most from across the globe are working from home or browsing the internet for studying and for entertainment. And to make...
Google ads

Know how Google works to improve user privacy in digital advertising

With a vision to increase transparency into how digital advertising works and ensure that people’s choices about the use of their data are respected, Google has shared updates on its work in these areas,...
Google Chrome brings new privacy and third-party cookie controls

Google Chrome brings new privacy and third-party cookie controls

The search giant Google Chrome has begun the rollout of new privacy and security settings for desktop for better control as well as safety. Moreover, it is also getting safety check tools, third party...
Google Chrome will offer full ad blocking only to enterprise users

Google Chrome for Android gets Dark Mode; Chrome Canary to get Reader Mode: Reports

Technology giant Google has been testing the Dark Mode for quite some time. And now, a report has surfaced online that claims that the new feature has finally been made available on the table...
Google Stadia

Google Stadia game streaming platform unveiled

Technology giant Google has announced its game streaming platform Stadia at GDC 2019. Google Stadia will work on a number of devices including smartphones, laptops, tablets, TVs, and PCs, provided they have Chrome running...
Microsoft chrome extension

Microsoft’s new Chrome extension enables the company’s Windows 10 Timeline feature

Software giant Microsoft launched its Windows 10 Timeline feature a year back and it became a much-talked-about one thanks to its ability to let users sync browsing and app history between Windows 10, iOS...
google incognito

Google’s Incognito Mode to become truly private

While Google Chrome's Incognito Mode known to be more private than the regular mode of the browser, it is not entirely hidden. Over the year, some website developers have found a way to know...
edge vs chrome

Microsoft is building its own chrome-like browser to replace Microsoft Edge

The software giant, Microsoft which released its Edge Browser, with a redesign to replace Internet Explorer is finally letting go of it and making a new default browser — Chromium. The reason being, though...


Oppo Reno 6 Pro

Oppo Reno 6 Pro review: Power-packed performance

Oppo launched the successor of Reno 5 Pro just months after its launch. But since that was a good smartphone in itself, we obviously...

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How to reverse search on google using image or video

Reverse search is an important and indeed a great feature to find the source and other information related to the image or video. All...