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Top 5 Ways To Fix The Spotify Desktop App When It Stops Working

Spotify web player not working? Here are the top 5 fixes

If you’re a religious worshipper of Spotify and have never faced a problem while using the app, you may be lucky. However, Spotify can also start acting up sometimes, especially when you use its...


Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Review: A Great Device For Professional Use

We finally were able to get our hands on the latest tablet model in the market from the Samsung brand, the new Samsung Galaxy...

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How To Hard Reset iPhone 13 (2022)? A Quick And Easy Stepwise Guide

How To Hard Reset iPhone 13 (2022)? A Quick And Easy...

It may happen sometimes that your iPhone starts acting up and doesn’t respond. Even turning it off then on or restarting doesn’t work. In...