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Avaya Spaces

5 ways Avaya Spaces will help you raise your work-from-anywhere game

One thing that the pandemic taught is that we must be ready to work from wherever we are. And on the whole, after a year out of the office, we’ve all managed the transition...
webcam chat

Does Your Social Life Need a Boost? Try Webcam Chats!

Just about everyone is signed up for some form of social media these days; it’s a way for them to connect with friends and relatives and find other people with similar interests. Even if...

Best Automatic Washing Machines Under Rs 20,000

Every house needs a washroom machine that takes the burden off your family members upon itself. Do you need a washing machine that can not only wash clothes for you but also dry them...
TCL Vs Sony

Sony Bravia A8G OLED Ultra HD TV VS TCL C715 QLED 4K TV: Which...

Amid Covid resurgence, a lot of people are forced to work from home to keep safe, and TVs, as an indispensable part of everyday in-home life, have become our true partners not only to...
TCL 55P715 TV

Choose your TV: TCL 55P715 Vs Samsung 55RU7100

We are living in a digital-first era, where smart TVs are our go-to entertainment buddy, after smartphones. But when it comes to choosing the best, people often get confused and can’t decide which one...

Why Indian players prefer to play live online games

It's no breaking news that online casino is on the rise in India, but did you know that live gaming is one of the big movers? There are many reasons driving the rise in...
online games

Can you play online poker and other games in India from mobile gadgets?

Online casinos are one of the most popular methods of gambling across the whole of India. It allows quick and easy access to a huge range of different casino games. The potential for massive...
Secure Your PC

5 best ways to secure your Windows PC in 2021

We use our Windows PCs every day for work and business, and we often do not think about the risks involved. Cybercrime has grown from where it was a decade ago. New risks have...

Celebrate Her Special Day With These 5 Gift Ideas

Well, we all have that girl or woman in our life whom we want to surprise with our best. They make a valuable difference for all of us whether it’s your mom, sister, best...

6 things that make ethical hacking a great career

Ethical hacking is not your next-door profession. It is technical, exciting, adventurous and promising. Ethical hackers are the people who are licensed to hack. They hack to protect, not to destroy. You must have...

How useful is a high refresh rate monitor in fortnite?

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world, ever since its official release way back on the 25th of July in 2017, the game has broken record after record in terms...

The Best Andar Bahar Game Apps for Android

The classic Indian card game, Andar Bahar has now become the beloved of many. It is one of the simplest table games to have fun and make some money. Want to play Andar Bahar...
iphone 12 gaming

Is the iPhone 12 the best smartphone for gaming?

Apple has always been at the forefront of innovations in the smartphone market, ever since it released the original iPhone in 2007. That trend looks set to continue, with the iPhone 12 already making...

How to live stream sports online at low or no cost

Watching live sports from around the world can be a costly affair. Especially if you’re subscribed to one of the many expensive satellite TV packages. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way -...
Keyboard 19

Technology is changing the way New Zealanders interact with sports

Sport and technology are not things that most people immediately associate with each other but there are several reasons why technology and the gadgets, apps and websites sports fans use are changing the way...

eSports and online gaming continue to boom in Japan amid COVID-19

Despite the Coronavirus Pandemic which has greatly affected many industries in the world, esports and the gaming industry have been exceptionally resilient. While live sports were absent in the midst of the pandemic, global...

Instagram Tips & Tricks – Making an Account for Your Pet

Getting perfect pet and animal portraits can be a tricky job, but once you get the hang of it — you're bound to have hundreds of photos of your beloved companion. With so many...

Gifts and Gadgets for the Bingo Lover in Your Life

For a game that’s so simple to play, bingo sure does have a devoted following. But perhaps that’s because it is so simple to play. The rise and rise of the online version of...

5 reasons why you need Bitdefender Internet Security 2020 for a safe and secure...

While the world is suffering from an epidemic many scam artists have turned to online scams, malware, phishing attacks etc. which is why you require a very good internet security package in your Windows...

From Browser to App: Why Developers Are Migrating to Smartphone Apps

Of all of the momentous changes that have occurred within the gaming industry in recent years, none have been as pronounced as the shift toward app-based gaming. By some estimates, the market for app-based smartphone...