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How to Create a Winning Commercial Real Estate Marketing Strategy Using Tech

If you are a business owner, it is crucial to invest in good marketing strategies as it helps strengthen your position in the market and gives you a competitive advantage. You need to stand...

Take These Tech Security Resolutions for 2022

A new year means a new beginning. It is like turning a new chapter that gives you hope and motivation to change something. Instead of traditional resolutions, how about focusing on your security online...
365 Photography Project

What is the 365 Photography Project and Should You Try It Out?

2022 is now upon us, and as we usher in this new year, no doubt you’ve been setting yourself impossibly high goals with regards to any resolutions you may have made. Of all the...
social media apps

Top 20 social media apps and sites of 2022

Humans are social animals, but with the era of technology it is not necessary to move out to make new friends, one can just relax in their homes and talk to people all around...
Best sites like Craigslist

6 best sites like Craigslist to find used items for sale in the USA

Craigslist is an American classified advertisements website that is very easy to use and has a minimalist design. You can find everything on the site including jobs, housing for sale, items wanted, services, community...
Best 6 websites to shop and get international gadgets to India from?

Best websites to shop and get international gadgets to India from?

If you love shopping a lot and you are not getting a good deal on your favourite product or chances are that product is not available in India. Then we will tell you about...

How to sync and connect an Xbox controller to the console

Xbox is one of the most popular gaming consoles across the world. The gaming console from Microsoft offers a realistic gaming experience. The latest Xbox Series X and series S give a tough competition...
YouTube to warn users before they send any potentially offensive comment to the creators

Should you get YouTube Premium? 9 things you need to consider first

YouTube Premium or formally known as YouTube Red is a paid service from YouTube that stops ads from coming in between your videos and opens access to exclusive videos on YouTube and allows for...
sign out of Prime video

How to sign out of Prime video on your smart TV?

Smart TVs are very common these days, they are now very easily available at a price similar to a normal TV. Smart TVs are a better option since these TVs give users many choices...
How to force shutdown software on windows

5 ways to restart or force shutdown a frozen software or app in Windows

If you use a Windows PC or a laptop you might have come across a problem where the app that you are using stops responding all of a sudden. The not responding case happens...

How to access your Google Search history and delete all activity

Google Search is the most used and popular search engine among all other search engines available. It offers many great features and is very efficient in internet searches. Google records all the data that...
Top 7 PC and Console games

Top 7 PC and Console games to look out for in the first three...

If you love to play games then 2022 will be an amazing year for you, with the release of many PC and console games you will be able to satisfy the gamer inside you....
what is mhl

What is MHL and how to best use it?

If you want to screencast the screen of your phone to a TV and enjoy playing games on a bigger display you need smart devices for a smart TV right? Wrong! MHL is a...
5 ways to use your Android phone

Top 5 ways to use your Android phone or tablet as a second screen

Since we purchase a smartphone every year or two by discarding our old phone, chances are that we might have an old phone which is still in working condition lying around in a corner...

How to recover deleted Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides files?

Google Workspace, formally known as G-Suit is a set of productivity apps that help to get the different tasks done with apps like Google Docs, Gmail, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and many more...
Best ways to fix audio issues in Google Meet

How to solve the Google Meet sound echo problem?

Google Meet is an online meeting client that is used by many. It is one of the most used online meeting clients that we use in our everyday life. It is easy to use,...
Motorola Revou-Q QLED Smart TV series

Ways to make your Android TV run faster

Smart TVs are very common these days, they are now very easily available at a price similar to a normal TV. Purchasing a smart TV makes more sense since these smart machines allow access...
Record audio with screen off

How can you record audio on a phone with the screen off?

If you ever have been in a situation where you need to be a detective to uncover someone’s nefarious plans? If yes, then you must have thought about how you can record audio on...

How to scan documents on Android or an iPhone and password protect them

Smartphones are a part of our daily life now. From family photos that you got from WhatsApp groups to confidential documents sent via e-mails we store everything on our smartphones. But, what if a...
Best ways to get dark mode on older iPhone

Ways to identify, verify Your iPhone or iPad model and version

Apple is an aspirational brand and everyone wants to have an Apple product in their homes or their pocket. But, it is not easy for everyone to get hands-on with an Apple product. In...
Amazon miniTV launched to take on its biggest e-commerce rival in-app video streaming platform, Flipkart Video

Top ways to play audio or video in the background on android

So you use your smartphone to listen to a lot of music or podcasts on audio platforms like Spotify, Jio Saavan, etc, and to videos also. If your answer is yes then you might...
Clubhouse now supports 13 additional languages, including Marathi and Bengali

4 Ways to record Clubhouse audio conversations

The Clubhouse app has been on Android and iOS devices for a while. It is an audio chat platform that got a lot of attention during the last few months. The app allows users...
Interwinning tech

Interwinning tech and gaming Industries are amping up the game

The impact of user-phase technology and its application over a vast repertoire of industries have turned the trend for businesses from simply viewing its application as a transformational phase to now considering it a...
How to download an Instagram video in your iPhone camera roll?

Top best methods to stop autoplay videos on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram

If you use Instagram, Facebook, YouTube a lot then you must have noticed that these platforms provide autoplay features in videos. The feature plays the video on the screen even if you have not...
Twitter added a new super follow option_ Here is how one can use it

Ways to record Twitter Spaces audio conversations

Twitter Spaces is a really famous audio chat platform, if you are someone who is always keen on learning new things. You can create, host, and interact with people all around the globe with...