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How to create your own Spotify playlist

Don’t you want to add all your best songs to your playlist and play it over and over? You would want your favourite music to be played continuously when working or reading. You can...

How to hide your last active status on Instagram

Privacy is of the most importance on social media networks. In the digital age of social media, staying private is the safest way to browse. If you are confused about how to stay incognito...

How to create your own room in the Clubhouse app: A complete step by...

Moderating a room in the Clubhouse app is like handling your own Channel. The social networking application allows users to participate in the audio chat-based app. You can add your friends and family, even...

How to create email signature in Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo mail

Many people get lost when it comes to creating an email signature on Outlook, Gmail,  or Yahoo mail. Without an email signature, the message sent always seems to be incomplete. The following steps will...
large touchscreen smartphone

Top 10 smartphones with the largest touch screens 2021

You always want a big display on your smartphone. Maybe for the games, you play or movies you watch. Having a large touchscreen gives that extra edge to its user, which makes the time...
sell old

Top 5 apps to buy and sell old gadgets

You often think if you could just sell our old device and be able to get the best price out of it. It will not only help financially but selling the old gadget will...
Screen record

How to screen record on a Windows PC

Ever wondered how to record the screen while playing your favourite game you are very good at.  To show your talent off on the internet, follow these simple steps and guides to record on...
Gadget for gardens

5 gadgets to own for the Gardener in you

During this pandemic time, we are required to stay at home and be more innovative and productive. Doing our hobbies can be the most effective way to live stress-free. For some people, gardening can...
Selfie camera

Top 10 smartphones with the highest megapixel selfie camera in India

We all have been there in a spot or a situation where our selfie camera didn’t perform to our expectations. It may be poor quality of image due to low megapixels or bad lighting,...

Air conditioner tips: How to get the best cooling yet less electricity bill

The worst season of the year is here and we all sit under the AC in our room to study or work, but it isn't that simple right? First, we are very worried about...
How to get Netflix for free?

How to get and watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Hotstar, and other OTT...

With all the OTT streaming platforms getting expensive by the day, our list will help you watch all the sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Hotstar for free without all those...
Best wireless earphones

The best wireless earphones under Rs 20,000: Take a peek

We all need True Wireless Stereo-enabled earbuds for our busy schedule at work, at college, or for a work-out. Today, we bring you a list of some great TWS earphones that you can purchase....
Best Android games

Casual games you can play for hours to kill time on your Android smartphone

We all love playing games on our mobile phones. Some of us play it casually and some play at a competitive level. Today we are bringing you a list of games that will help...
Summer gadgets

5 gadgets to make summers more bearable: These are worth owning

Summer, unlike the rest of the seasons of the year, is not so cozy nor comfortable. Some of us get lost in choosing the best-suited gadgets to get along. Gadgets can make our life...
webcam chat

Does Your Social Life Need a Boost? Try Webcam Chats!

Just about everyone is signed up for some form of social media these days; it’s a way for them to connect with friends and relatives and find other people with similar interests. Even if...

COVID Helpline in India: Here is a list of apps and websites you can...

In the fight against the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, the globe has relied heavily on technology. Almost everyone, from governments to healthcare institutions to nonprofits to private businesses, is employing technology in some way to...

Home renovation series: Top gadgets to own for your new living room

The living room is a place to relax, invite guests, and spend time with family and friends. Although it appears to be a basic place, it may be difficult to maintain and commit to....
Microsoft word

10 must-know Hidden Features of Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word (also known as Word) is a simple yet sophisticated word processing application program/package that is specifically designed for performing various word processing tasks such as typing, editing, and printing textual content. It...
Qualcomm is reportedly testing a faster Snapdragon 8cx for ARM-based Windows 10 Pcs

Best Snapdragon 888 Phones in India

Flagship smartphones always stay in high demand because they have the most cutting-edge features that the rest of the mobile industry will imitate over the next few years. In 2021, flagship smartphones will have a...
battlegrounds mobile india

Battlegrounds India Mobile: Everything we know so far and when will it officially launch?

Pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile, India is now open on Android Play Store. Yes, The PUBG Mobile India replacement game is presently available for pre-registration on Google Play Store. Till now the company has already...
Twitter found testing scheduling feature for web browser

Twitter might charge users Rs 269 per month for new colour themes and undo...

Twitter's App Store listing now includes an in-app purchase for Twitter Blue. The app announced the start of a subscription service by accident. Users will be charged $2.99 (roughly Rs 269) per month for...

How to be even more secure on Instagram

These days, security and privacy is on everyone’s mind. Whether it is the government or social apps like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, users want everyone to take their privacy with utmost importance. There are...

Twitter verification reopens: How to get verified on Twitter

Twitter has a unique ability to take non-celebs, journalists, influencers, and more into the spotlight every now and then. They provide them with the blue badge, if you are also interested in getting the...

Best Health and Fitness Apps 2021

Obesity is definitely not a new problem, but due to this prevailing Covid 19 situation, the health-related issues are escalating, everybody is suggested to stay indoors. It is very important to stay fit in...

New and useful features in Android 12 that will be out in your smartphone

Google unveiled the first Beta of Android 12, one of their most ambitious releases ever. Google focused on a new UI that adapts to you, improving performance, with privacy and security at the core....