10 reasons why you are not getting right-swiped on Tinder


In today’s day and age, online dating is no longer an eyebrow-raiser. Apps like Tinder have just become an easy place to get to know new people. Personally, we think that they are big time-savers as we would rather talk to someone on texts and decide if we want to see them than go out on few dates only to realise they aren’t worth our time. However, it can be tricky to find the right match on dating apps, where a lot depends on the first impression you make via your profile.  If you have not been getting any swipe rights on Tinder, you need to work better on your profile. Here, we are listing down 10 reasons why people are not swiping right on your profile on Tinder, so that you know exactly what you need to change:

2Your profile picture looks like that of a couple

Tinder 7

This is one of the big Nos on Tinder. If you have a girl or a guy standing next to you in your Tinder profile picture, people would automatically assume that they are your significant other. Even if the woman in question is your sister or a cousin, you can’t expect a stranger to know that, can you? Honestly, this is as bad as talking about an ex-partner on the first date. So if you have a picture like that, just change it already.


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