10 tricks that will make YouTube even more fun

Google outage takes down YouTube and Gmail, gets restored after hours

Do you love binge-watching videos on YouTube? We are here to make the experience better for you with these cool YouTube tricks that every binge-watcher should know. Read on and find out how your YouTube watching experience can be even more fun:

1Skip the intro by changing the URL

youtube 6

You can skip the introduction of a YouTube video by the number of seconds you wish to, by simply changing the URL of the video. However, we should mention that you cannot specify minutes for doing this and it only works for seconds. So, if you want to skip 1 minute and 30 seconds, you have to mention ’90’ in the URL instead. Coming to the URL trick, let’s say you wish to skip the first 10 seconds of a YouTube video, so you will add ‘&start=10’ to the end of the URL of that particular video. Similarly, if you wish to skip 50 seconds, you would add ‘&start=50’ to the end of the URL.



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