12 useful Paytm features you may not know about

Did you know you could do all this on Paytm?


Paytm became an immensely popular app in 2016 after the government announced demonetization of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 notes. Although that period is long gone, the popularity of Paytm has not decreased. People still use it regularly. While most of us use Paytm for paying bills, getting recharges, making payments and booking movie tickets, there is a lot more that can be done via the app. Here, we have listed down 12 useful Paytm features you may not have known about. Take a look:

2Look for restaurant deals

Look for restaurant deals

If you don’t want to order in and would rather eat out, you can look for restaurant deals on Paytm. Go to Paytm > More > Travel, Entertainment & Food and then click on the option of ‘Restaurant Deals‘. You will be able to look for deals on restaurants in your locality or even search for them with their names or cuisine.


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