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Criteria to choose VPN

Let’s say you decided to use VPN, but you don’t know how to choose a provider. No wonder, there’re more and more of them every day. Let’s find out how to choose a suitable app and what you should pay attention to.

Privacy and Safety

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The first thing to learn about a VPN service is what extent of safety and anonymity it is ready to provide.

  1. Take notice of encryption protocols. Currently, IKEv2 is considered to be the most reliable protocol. But if this protocol isn’t on the list, it doesn’t mean that your data won’t be protected. OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec protocol provide some protection as well.
  2. Make sure that the provider’s logging policy is suitable for you. Ideally, if a service is ready to guarantee full anonymity, it just doesn’t record browsing history and has no logs. If intelligence services ask a company providing VPN services to give out logs, the company just has nothing to give out.
  3. Kill switch feature is an additional privacy option which instantly disables Internet connection if your VPN connection disconnects.

Bypassing Geo-Blocking

Unfortunately, some things on the Internet are not available for everyone. Access to content may be restricted in particular countries or regions by content owners or through legal action within a country (for example, in case of TikTok).

Staying in India, you can’t watch all the films and series stored in American Netflix or BBC iPlayer library. But if you connect to a server located in the USA or Great Britain, the lock is automatically released because IP-address looks “local” for these streaming services. Not all providers have geo-blocking bypassing service, but, let’s say, VPN99 allows to access any content from any point in the world from the very beginning.


how to choose vpn

Choosing a VPN provider, many ignore such an important criteria as a server network. Obviously, it’s a bad idea: you should look closely at a server network. The point is that giants like American Netflix and other similar services make efforts to detect VPN connections. It means that you can lose access to content anytime. But if a provider has a branched network of servers located in USA, it will immediately connect you to another server and you will continue to watch something just using another IP.

Availability of servers in countries where your private data can’t be accessed by corporations and governments interested in it is a great advantage. It is even better if a provider is registered in one of those countries. For example, in Seychelles, VPN99.


VPN apps may be different and have different sets of options. They should meet your needs. If you want to install VPN on your PC and a smartphone running Android, you need a service providing appropriate apps.

If you aren’t sure you can configure an app on your own, make sure it has default settings. A better option is when a provider has detailed installation guides on its site and a support service works 24/7.


You know that free VPN exists. But it’s unlikely that they can guarantee safety and anonymity. That’s why all experienced users recommend to choose a paid service.

But who wants to pay money for something they aren’t really into? Who knows, maybe this provider won’t be suitable for you. Therefore, choose providers with a refund guarantee. If this option is accompanied by a beneficial tariff, you’re lucky. Thus, for example, VPN99 services cost just $0,99 per months and the provider guarantees refund during the first 24 hours.

Evaluating VPN services providers by this criteria, you will quickly find what you need. We have already tested and checked the best providers for users from India and gave a rating to each of them using above-mentioned criteria. VPN99 was rated higher than any other, so we highly recommend it.

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