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How to develop a SaaS product: 6 steps

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The use of cloud technologies is one of those features that give businesses a competitive advantage. Considering that 80% of entrepreneurs use at least one such solution, this becomes a significant contribution to the development and achievement of the desired results. The most popular technology implementation method today is the SaaS product.

Its main advantages are convenience, a high level of security, and the absence of the need to spend money on expensive equipment purchases. Creating a product requires specific knowledge and experience, so entrepreneurs usually order SaaS application development services from reliable companies. We offer to learn how experts make solutions and what stages the process is divided into.

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Thorough market analysis

The main task of developers is to create a product that fully meets current market needs. Only in this case, the project will be successful. That is why the process begins with an analysis of the current situation. Several aspects are important:

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  • Target audience (who belongs to the group that may be interested in the product)
  • The pain points of potential users (needs they want to address with the solution)
  • Competitors (who are they and what are their unique features)

Business models used by competitors are also important in the analysis process. After studying the received information, specialists receive raw data for creating a SaaS product.

Development of a business plan

You can achieve success in the process of creating a cloud product only if all actions are carefully planned. For this, a business plan is developed in advance. It contains the following information:

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  • Methods of reaching the target audience;
  • How the product will meet the potential customers’ inquiries;
  • Unique features of the solution;
  • Methods of obtaining profit;

Additional points of the business plan should be an estimate of development costs, sources of financial profit, as well as a list of goals to be achieved.

Determination of the main requirements of the product

SaaS cloud solutions can have different functionality. It is selected individually for each enterprise, taking into account the needs of the market. However, there are several basic requirements that they must meet. Including:

  • High level of security: A SaaS product must have strong multi-factor authentication, access control, security settings management, and strong data encryption.
  • Self-service: In a cloud solution, processes must be performed in an automated mode.
  • Sharing: This refers to access to resources by both the tenant and the client.

An additional requirement is the monitoring of the activity of those who use the resources. For this, an audit log must be created.

Formation of the technical stack

Specialists use special tools to develop a cloud solution. In the process of forming the technical stack, they determine which of them will be applied in a specific case. These are frameworks, programming languages, and other tools that are necessary for product development.

Creating a work team

The business owner can independently search for individual specialists and unite them in a team to work on the project. However, this solution has many disadvantages. In particular, a long process, lack of necessary knowledge, and a higher probability of problems. The best solution in this situation would be SaaS product development services of specialized companies. They already have a formed team of professionals, which starts work immediately after agreeing on all the details of the project.

Creating an MVP

Work on the minimum viable product begins when the preparations are completed and a team of specialists is selected. It is not a full-fledged software product but it has all the necessary features to cover the needs of users. By releasing such a solution to the market, you can identify audience relationships and weak points and work on them before releasing the full version.


Creating a SaaS product is a complex, multi-stage process, during which specific requirements must be met and many factors must be taken into account. This means that you should trust it to the team of professionals who can competently build work and create a truly functional product.

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