How to use TikTok: 10 tips to get started on the app

Some Tiktok tips every beginner should know about.


TikTok’s popularity has been growing like wildfire. All the millennials are switching to the app and are leaving social media apps like Facebook. If you too want to get started on the app, here are some TikTok tips that will help you. These will tell you all about how you can use TikTok. Take a look:

2Upload videos via your smartphone’s Gallery

videos on tiktok

You don’t necessarily have to create videos via TikTok to share them on the platform. You can just upload them from your smartphone‘s Gallery. For doing this, open TikTok, and press on the ‘+’ icon on the bottom of the screen. This will open the recording screen of the app and here, press on the ‘Upload’ key that is placed on the bottom right. This will open your smartphone’s Gallery. Here, select the video that you want to upload. You can also upload more than one video by choosing the option of ‘Multiple’. The app will also give you an option of editing the video or even to add text and filters to it.


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