PUBG Mobile 0.12 update is out now: 10 important changes you should know about


PUBG Mobile’s 0.12 update is finally available for everyone. The battle royale game has got a host of new features with the update and the most anticipated one among them is ‘Survive Till Dawn’. However, that’s not the only cool new thing that has come to PUBG Mobile with the update. Here’s a look at everything that is new:

2. The zombies now have new abilities

Going forward, you don’t only have to fight zombies and their bosses. You also have to deal with jumping zombies and zombie dogs in PUBG Mobile. Furthermore, zombies in the game will now also be able to climb over walls or get on the roofs. So, you would have to fight much harder in order to save yourself from them. Another change that we should mention is that zombies now move slower than earlier once they are hit with firearms.

PUBG Mobile zombies mode 9


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