This is how much you pay for your mobile data in India compared to the rest of the world


Let’s face it: Without the internet, smartphones wouldn’t really be all that smart. Wi-Fi and mobile data have become indispensable for anyone who uses a smartphone. And while Wi-Fi usually keeps us covered while we are at home or in office, we have to bank on mobile data the rest of the time. However, the cost that one has to pay for mobile data varies between countries. A new analysis by UK-based price comparison website clearly shows where we have to pay the least and the most for mobile data.

According to the website, it took into consideration 6,313 data plans in 230 countries and India emerged as the country where mobile data is the cheapest. However, there are some countries where data is extremely expensive and the disparity between the prices is tremendous.

According to Dan Howdle, a telecom analyst at, the reason for the cheap prices of data in some countries is that they have an excellent mobile and fixed broadband infrastructure. This enables providers to offer large amounts of data at affordable prices.

Take a look at how much you have to pay for mobile data across the world. We have picked 15 countries which show you the disparity:



Average cost of 1GB data: $0.91 (approximately Rs 63.20)