Valentine’s Day gifting guide: Here are 12 great techy ideas to gift your partner

Valentine's day gifting guide

Who doesn’t like to receive gifts on Valentine’s Day? While it’s great to receive gifts, it tough to choose the right one. Here, we have listed down 12 cool tech gifts that you can gift your date on Valentine’s Day:

1Netflix subscription


This is probably the most affordable gift that we can suggest to you. If your Valentine is a movie buff or loves watching TV shows, then they would love you for buying them their Netflix subscription. The most premium yearly plan available is for Rs 800, but you can also pick the Rs 500 and Rs 800 one. Alternatively, you can also buy them Amazon Prime subscription that is available for Rs 999 for a year. That will not only let them stream videos, but they would also be able to get one-day delivery for free.



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