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A Detailed Guide To Photo Recovery On Mac

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Today’s era has increased the use of photos. If you take a keen look, users often take pics for personal and professional purposes. Moreover, they save their photos on devices such as Intel-based Macs to manage storage and keep them safe. You might face a problem amidst the management of pictures on your Intel-based Mac which may involve the deletion of pictures, corruption, or pictures that might vanish from the saved location.

People try different ways to find their pics lost in their Intel-based Mac, which takes a long time. Lesser do they know that there are photo recovery tools to help them. This article introduces you to Wondershare Recoverit, which is used to recover permanently deleted photos. It specifically provides you with photo recovery services for Intel-based Mac.

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Part 1: Why Are Photos Not Available Across Your Intel-based Mac?

There’s always a reason behind the deletion of pictures or misplacement from your Intel-based Mac. So instead of directly explaining to you the steps to recover permanently deleted photos from your Intel-based Mac, let’s see the causes of the misplacement of pictures:

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1.     Defected Hard Drive

A damaged hard drive is one of the most common causes of data loss. When you choose a defective storage device or hard drive for storing your images on your Intel-based Mac, it’s inevitable for the images to vanish. So, you need to keep a keen check on your device. If you notice that its processing speed is slow or there’s any other issue, you should immediately change your hard drive, or else you’ll lose your images from your Mac.

2.     Malware Attacks

Another major cause of the loss of pictures can be a virus attack on your Intel-based Mac system. Viruses can destroy your system, and that’s why it’s a major concern for the security forensics of IT. Malware attacks can delete your files, encrypt them, break your data and passwords, show weird ads, and even take hold of your whole Intel-based Mac device. So, to avoid the attacks, you must have an anti-virus program installed on your device, or else it’ll cause great damage.

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3.     Unplanned Deletion

Human errors are very normal, especially while handling devices like Intel-based Mac. If you accidentally delete your picture from your Intel-based Mac without backing them up, you’ll lose all your pictures. You may even think you have backed it up while you haven’t. So, it’s better to recheck your backup for confirmation and keep your data backed up.

4.     Power Failure

Any kind of interruption during the storage of pictures is not acceptable. Data files do not cooperate with power failures. If your images are processing, backing up, or transferring on your Intel-based Mac and power breaks down, your data will be lost.

Part 2: Wondershare Recoverit – Introducing the Mac Photo Recovery Tool

When you lose something, it is human nature to try to find it. Similarly, when you lose your pictures, you start finding ways to recover them. You don’t have to worry because you’re in the right place. This part will explain an efficient way to recover your lost pictures from your Intel-based Mac. Wondershare Recoverit is known for its quick and effective recovery procedure.

Wondershare Recoverit is an amazing tool that offers you to recover different types of lost data from your Intel-based Mac. This tool can restore 1000+ kinds of files, images, and folders from 2000+ storage devices. It can recover all the deleted, lost, and formatted files, images, and devices. Moreover, it can restore data from the crashed Intel-based Mac as well. While you proceed with the recovery process, you can find a couple of recovery modes to try out to ensure the success of your process.

Part 3: Understanding the Steps to Recover Photos of Intel-based Mac with Recoverit

Recovery of your deleted images from Intel-based Mac is just a few steps away. Wondershare Recoverit restores your data in a few minutes. To know more about it, let’s look ahead into the details of steps to understand photo recovery through Recoverit:

Step 1: Install Recoverit on Your Intel-based Mac

First of all, it’s important to install Recoverit software on your Intel-based MacBook. Access your Intel-based Mac and find the icon of Recoverit across the desktop. What to do if it’s not there? Go to “Finder,” proceed to “Applications” from the left panel and locate Recoverit across the list to launch it.

Step 2: Restore Your Images/Files on Intel-based Mac

Choose a drive in the “Hard Disk Devices” tab that you wish to scan for your lost photos. Recoverit will start with scanning the selected drive of the Intel-based Mac. The scanning can be paused or stopped as soon as you find your images.

Step 3: Preview Your Images and Save

A special feature of Recoverit is that it will allow you to have a look at the files, images, or any data that is going to be recovered. Premium users can preview the images as long as they wish to, but free users can preview them for a short time of 10 seconds. Once done, choose the files you want to recover and hit the “Recover” icon to get your images back. Save them properly under a specified location on your Intel-based Mac.


Losing your images from your Intel-based Mac can be depressive and shocking as it may contain some important images. There may be different causes of deletion or loss of your data or images, such as defective hardware, malware attacks, unplanned deletion, power failure, etc. But there’s no need to panic as Wondershare Recoverit can easily restore those images in easy steps and recover the data across the Intel-based MacBook.

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