Google Home can now schedule routines: Report


Earlier this year at Google I/O, the technology company announced that its Assistant will be getting a feature for multi-step routines. For those who don’t know, the feature allows the Assistant perform multiple tasks given to it in one single command.

At the same time, Google also announced that it had plans of adding the ability to schedule routines too ‘later this summer.’ This feature was something that was being looked forward to by a number of people because – as the name of the feature suggests — it meant scheduling routines repeating the same set of instructions every day.

And now, according to a report in Droid Life, the feature may be getting rolled out already. Some of the users of Google Home app can see this feature on their app. New routines can be added by going to the Settings section of the Google Home app, tapping on Routines and then the ‘+’ icon. Furthermore, there is also an option called ‘Set a time and day (optional).’

However, as of now, the feature is only being rolled out to the smart speaker users in US, according to a report in Engadget. The technology giant has not spoken about the availability of the feature in India.

Needless to say, but this feature has the potential of being extremely useful. One can set their Morning Routine on Google Home, which will then remind them of tasks like charging their smartphone and will also adjust lights every day without being reminded.

The routines can be scheduled on the Google Home app and a device must be added to them in order to execute these routines. The connected device will then perform the routine and give an audio acknowledgement once it has been completed. Additionally, users will also get a notification confirming the completion of a routine on their phones.

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