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October 13 Amazon Quiz: Participate to win OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus 8 Pro smartphones users can reportedly see through surface

If we tell you that you can see through your smartphone camera, would you believe us? Well, news is rife that OnePlus 8 Pro’s custom 5MP sensor can enable its users see through some...
Official images and specifications of the upcoming OnePlus 8 Pro leaked on the internet

OnePlus 8 Pro smartphone to come in ‘Ultramarine Blue’ colour: Leak

As we are inching closer to the official launch of OnePlus 8 Pro smartphone, rumour mill is come out with one after another leak. Now, the news is rife that OnePlus 8 Pro could...



Acer H Series Smart TV review (50-inches): Great display at competitive...

We just reviewed the Acer I series smart TV by the company and already the brand is out with a new set of TVs...

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How to find the model number and name of your mobile phone? Android and iOS

How to find the model number and name of your mobile...

While you must be aware of the smartphone model you are using, the model name and model number are two different things. The model...