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NFTs & Entertainment: Top Platforms in 2022

Today, most consumers have a basic understanding of the blockchain and NFTs. Though not many platforms have opted for a transparent blockchain system - which provides a non-corruptible ledger for every transaction - most...
How to buy cryptocurrency_

How to buy cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies have started to skyrocket since last year and people who have keen knowledge are able to gain massive profits. So what are cryptocurrencies? They are digital assets that you can trade 24/7. The...


Micromax In 2C review

Micromax In 2C review: A decent budget buy

Micromax In 2C is an entry-level smartphone by the Indian technology brand and it is priced at Rs 7,499. Needless to say, it comes...

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How to create a fake virus to prank your friends?

How to create a fake virus to prank your friends?

If your idea of a practical joke is watching your friends fret over a virus attack on their computer, we’ve got the perfect prank...