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How to preview Voice Messages on WhatsApp?

How to easily Translate WhatsApp Messages on Android to any language: Top 3 ways

Being the largest Instant Messaging platform in the world, WhatsApp has broken down several barriers to communication. While the app doesn’t have many shortcomings, it still isn’t able to translate messages on its platform....
Gboard iOS Google Translate

Google will not just translate, but will help you pronounce difficult words too

Google has released a new function in Google translate that will help users practice difficult words while providing their meanings. This new function is a test and only works for US English as of...
Gboard iOS Google Translate

Google Translate comes to Gboard for iOS

Technology giant Google has always added useful features to its apps. Just yesterday, Google Maps got the ability to report accidents and speed traps. And now, the technology company has rolled out the Google...


OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z2 ANC Review: Still better than the average TWS?

OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z2 ANC Review: Still better than the average...

Wireless neckbands ushered in the age of Bluetooth-powered headsets around the time the headphone jacks started disappearing from most flagship smartphones. Over the last...

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How to delete all of your Instagram posts at once?

One of our favourite aspects of using Instagram is that you have complete control over the aesthetic of your profile. You can apply a...

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