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OxygenOS to merge with ColorOS, no more OnePlus 9T and 9T Pro

No more T version of OnePlus, OnePlus OxygenOS and Oppo ColorOS skin to be...

The Chinese premium smartphone company, OnePlus, will be ending its tradition of launching the OnePlus T Series smartphone. Around this time of the year, the company usually launches an upgrade to its latest flagship...


Samsung Galaxy A73 5G review

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G review: Almost perfect, should you pick it...

Who doesn’t want to get their hands on a high-end smartphone from Samsung? We managed to do just that with the Samsung Galaxy A73...

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How to create an RSVP form on Google Forms?

How to create an RSVP form on Google Forms?

You may have come across a Google Form to take a survey or fill out a questionnaire. Apart from creating a basic form, you...