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canon india interview

Tete-e-Tete with C Sukumaran, Senior Director from Canon India: Latest launches by the company...

Canon has been breaking boundaries and launching a flurry of good products in the market for all sections of society. Recently they launched the Canon EOS R5 C and we got a chance to...
365 Photography Project

What is the 365 Photography Project and Should You Try It Out?

2022 is now upon us, and as we usher in this new year, no doubt you’ve been setting yourself impossibly high goals with regards to any resolutions you may have made. Of all the...
How to tak e best selfies

5 lesser-known hacks to take the best selfies

Taking selfies and putting them on social media in modern times is like a ritual. We want to capture ourselves in the scenic beauty of the place we go. If you are bored of...

7 Best tripods for mobile phones in India (2021)

We love to click images on almost a daily basis with our smartphones. But many times our images come out shaky because of our unstable hands. For this problem, a tripod comes in handy....

Top 5 professional tripods you can buy under Rs 3,000

A Tripod stand is an essential gear for various purposes. If you are a traveler, YouTuber, or photographer, you can't click nice photographs or capture awesome videos if your camera keeps shaking. Thus, you...


OnePlus 11R Review: Comeback season for OnePlus

OnePlus 11R Review: Comeback season for OnePlus

Is 2023 the year when OnePlus finally goes back to its roots and reclaims its personality? After the OnePlus 10T (review here) failed to...

How To's

Top 4 Ways to open RAR files on an iPhone

Top 8 ways to Free up Space on Your iPhone and...

If you find yourself running out of storage space on your smartphone, we don’t blame you. As smartphone cameras and processors get more powerful,...

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