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5 lesser-known hacks to take the best selfies

If you are a selfie queen or king and looking for selfie hacks to enhance your social media, this is the right article for you.

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Taking selfies and putting them on social media in modern times is like a ritual. We want to capture ourselves in the scenic beauty of the place we go. If you are bored of taking the same type of selfies again and again and want to know some lesser-known hacks to take the best selfies this is the right article for you. 

Just follow the ways or hacks mentioned down below and you can get better selfies.

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Watch out for jawline

The jawline is a part of the body that makes a big impact on the selfies you take. If you do not have a sharp jawline then no problem! You just need to try out a few different camera angles in which the double chin is least visible. Additionally, you can also contract the skin on your jaw to make it look slimmer. Take a top-angle selfie with your phone contracting the skin under the jaw and you should be able to get a perfect selfie.

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Tryout best selfie angles

Of course, everyone does look different even when the camera angle is exactly the same, you can find out what suits you best for you. But if you are confused about what angles you can choose to take selfies, we have you covered. Just try out these angles and see what suits you best.Tryout angles

  • Hold your phone above your forehead and point your chin slightly down and look up at the camera.
  • Turn your face slightly to one side (ideally 45 degrees)
  • Lay down and put the camera directly above your face. Quick side note, just make sure that you are not using a Nokia phone, you know why.Lay down
  • Look straight on at the camera but slightly elevate the arm that’s holding your phone

These are some angles that you can try for yourself and see which works best

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Make a signature filter/pose

Making your signature pose or using the same filter in most of your selfies can help you to stand out from the crowd. If you use the same pose or filter quite often then you can make it as your style statement. Using the same pose or filter will also make your feed look more uniform and clean.  But be careful with this hack, if used excessively then it can also impact your social media game.

Experiment with light

Light is a key element in any photo let it be selfies only. When used correctly can make your selfies look great. Try to experiment a bit with different lights, if you have studio lights at home then you can also try key light and rim light effects with it. But if you don’t have expensive lighting equipment at home then you can always experiment with natural light.Experiment with light

Take selfies during golden hour

Golden hour is a time frame between 1-2 hours before the sunset and 1-2 hours before sunrise. This is a time when the light from the sun has a bit of yellowish-gold light in it. Photos taken in this time frame look very good because the light coming from the sun has some golden colour to it and also the light is very soft in that time frame.

So these were some lesser-known hacks to take best selfies. Try all these hacks and you will be able to improve your selfie game.

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