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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra may come with 100x digital Zoom, Camera specification leaked

As we are inching closer to Samsung’s upcoming Unpacked Event that is slated to take place in San Francisco this February, eyes are set on the unveiling of the tech giant’s next-generation Galaxy S20...
best Gadgets to gift

Festive Buys: Best gadgets to gift or purchase for yourself this Diwali

The festivities have begun and it is the time of the year when you buy something for yourself or your loved ones. If you are looking to buy/gift a smartphone then you can check...
Socratic the mobile learning app

Google has acquired the learning app Socratic, released on iOS

Socratic the mobile learning app that the technology giant Google acquired last year has now got an upgrade. The app now employs AI technology that will be helpful for high school and university students,...
Spectacles 3 with dual HD cameras launched

Snap has introduced redesigned Spectacles 3

Snap Inc. has launched Spectacles 3. The third generation of the spectacles is basically an augmented reality sunglass that is sleek and it features an HD camera that helps in creating depth perception. The...
WhatsApp's Frequently Forwarded feature

WhatsApp now brings Fingerprint authentication to Android beta users

Popular messaging app WhatsApp keeps on getting new features every now and then that makes it more user-friendly. This time the instant messaging app has rolled out a new feature where the user will...
10 bests smartphones with edge-to-edge, bezel-less displays

10 best smartphones with edge-to-edge, bezel-less displays

Edge-to-edge displays don’t only add to the premium looks of a smartphone, but also enhances the experience of watching videos on the device. If you spend a lot of time playing games or watching...
10 smart home gadgets you need

10 smart home gadgets you didn’t know you need

In today’s world, we are completely dependent on technology. But then, it’s not like we regret it since technology and gadgets make our lives a lot easier than what they otherwise will be. Since...
smartphones with triple rear camera setup

10 recently-launched smartphones that have a triple rear camera setup

Photography is a big factor that people consider in a smartphone when they think of buying a new one. Maybe that is why a number of technology companies have started including multiple camera sensors...
slow internet connection things to do

10 things to do to deal with your slow internet connection

Do you have a slow internet connection? It may be very frustrating for you to live with it in this day and age. Here, we have listed down 10 things that you can do...
learn coding for free

5 Online courses where you can learn coding for free

With the advancement of web 2.0 you do not need to pay a hefty sum to learn any course, barring a few exceptions. Be it coding then, you can learn it for free and...
5 Instagram tips

5 Instagram tips to get more followers in 2019: Road to 10,000 followers in...

Ever wondered why your number of followers never escalated to the desired digits on Instagram? Well, you are not the only one pondering upon it. Instagram is one of the most influential platforms, especially...
5 hacks to rectify your smartphone's bad signal strength

Nine ways in which you should never clean your smartphone

Smartphone screens get spoiled easily. Be it fingerprint smudges or makeup, our phones’ screens act as a magnet to all. However, in order to keep them clean, we often resort to all the wrong...
Android smartphone apps

How to install an app on your Android device that is not present on...

Google’s Play Store is one stop shop for all the Android device users. It is the place from where they can download a new app on to their devices or update an old one....
10 waterproof smartphones that you can pick today and be safe in the monsoons

10 waterproof smartphones that you can pick today and be safe in the monsoons

Monsoon is here finally! And while rains bring immense joy and moments of happiness, they have some downsides too. One of the major drawbacks of monsoon is that your smartphone may get wet and...
LG W30 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy M40.

Compare: LG W30 Pro and Samsung Galaxy M40

After weeks of releasing teasers, LG finally launched its new W-series smartphones in India. According to the company, the LG W-series smartphones are aimed at the entry-level smartphone segment in India and it has...
Macbook keyboard

How to keep your MacBook from overheating?

Apple’s MacBook series laptops are one of the most well-known, popular and thinnest laptops in the market. They come with a great number of features and pack good specifications yet they are light and...
Be the creator of OnePlus’s new UI feature and win a OnePlus 7

Indian Government is ready to set up an IMEI database to curb mobile theft...

In order to stop mobile theft and mobile cloning, the Telecom Ministry of India is planning to introduce a Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR). This will be a database of IMEIs (International Mobile Equipment...
youtube 4

How to download YouTube videos for free?

YouTube is world’s largest video streaming platform and millions of minutes of videos are uploaded on it everyday. It is also one of the biggest medium of social media out there, millions of people...
PUBG Lite to be launched in four more countries on FEB 13

How to run PUBG Mobile on your PC or laptop?

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is currently one of the most played mobile games. Even though it has been banned in some regions, PUBG constantly updates its platform to stay in the market. PUBG Mobile...
Motorola One Vision and Samsung Galaxy M40

Compare: Motorola One Vision and Samsung Galaxy M40

Motorola today launched its new smartphone – the Motorola One Vision – in India that is priced at Rs 19,999. The smartphone comes with a 48MP primary sensor and it has a hole-punch display...

How to get your Instagram account verified?

Almost every major social media platform uses some form of verification to identify and distinguish between the real and fake accounts of public figures, celebrities, or even a business. While most platforms have a...
Acer H7-seires 27-inch 4K Monitor

Acer H7-seires 27-inch 4K Monitor Review: The ultimate 4K gaming and media monitor

Acer has been in the electronics and PC business for a long time and has made a name for itself with its products. Laptops, gaming laptops, PC accessories or monitors, Acer makes them all....
Incognito mode for Google Maps now available for Android users, will be available to iOS users soon

How to use Google Maps like a pro?

Google Maps is probably one of the most used services of Google after YouTube and Gmail. It is also one among the biggest map platforms in the world today. What makes Google Maps such...

How to recover deleted emails?

Email is used by most of us today. It can be used for communicating with colleagues or even with your friends overseas. If you have subscribed to some services, then you would be depending...
gmail logo

How to clean-up your Gmail?

Gmail is one of the most popular services of Google and most of us depend on it for sending and receiving emails. If you have been using the service for a long time, then...


Oppo Reno 3 Pro

Oppo Reno 3 Pro review: The almost perfect smartphone

Oppo launched its Reno 3 Pro smartphone in India at a starting price of Rs 29,990. The smartphone comes with a number of great...

How To's

How to boost your WiFi signal while you are working from home

How to boost your WiFi signal while you are working from...

Our Government is taking several measures in the wake to control the coronavirus pandemic in India. Due to lockdown in several parts of the...