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Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 laptop in india

Xiaomi likely to unveil its RedmiBook 14 in India in June

It seems that Xiaomi fans in India may not have to wait longer for the upcoming Redmi-branded laptop, as a news report has leaked that the Chinese company could lift curtains off its RedmiBook...


LG Tone Free Fit (DTF7Q) Review: Clean listening experience

LG Tone Free Fit (DTF7Q) Review: Clean listening experience

One thing that has concerned us consistently is how easily some of the TWS earbuds fall off while exercising vigorously or dancing. This is...

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7 best ways to fix alarm volume too high or low on iPhone

Top 4 ways to set an alarm on your Android Phone

If you sleep with your smartphone beside you, you don’t need an alarm clock to wake you up every morning. Your Android phone offers...

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