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Toshiba Ultimate 4K TVs

Toshiba’s Ultimate 4K TVs to go on sale in India starting September 18th

Toshiba has launched 7 SKUs of its Premium UHD and Smart televisions range in India. The price range of Ultimate 4K Full-Array LED TVs starts from Rs 12,990 and goes to Rs 66,990 for...


Acer Gateway GAHR012 earbuds

Acer Gateway GAHR012 earbuds review: Ticks all the boxes

Since wireless earphones have become mainstream, very few people want to bother themselves with cables. Naturally, all the major technology companies have come up...

How To's

How to edit a PDF file? The best and most convenient ways

How to edit a PDF file? The best and most convenient...

The Portable Document Format, commonly known as PDF is one of the most preferred file formats across different purposes and professions. This file format...