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agent smith malware

16 apps removed from Google Play Store infected by Agent Smith malware, remove them...

Malware problem and attacks on or from Google Play Store apps are not a new phenomenon. We do see apps getting removed regularly from the Play Store which violates its policy. This time a...
computer virus

What is a computer virus?

A computer virus is basically a type of malicious software that can replicate itself by modifying other programs that are present in the same computer as the malware. Once it is able to do...


Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 review: Great for binge-watchers

Recently, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 was launched in India with a number of impressive features including an 11-inch screen, support for Samsung DeX and...

How To's

Troubleshooting tips to have Android Auto working again

Troubleshooting tips to have Android Auto working again

The tech giant Google not only offers Android operating software for the smartphone but it also offers a similar experience for automobiles. Android Auto...