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COVID-19 pandemic: WhatsApp gets a fact-checking chatbot by Poynter Institute’s IFCN

In order to connect millions of users with the translated work of over 80 fact-checking organizations across the globe, the Poynter Institute’s International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) has now introduced a chatbot on WhatsApp. With...
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COVID-19 outbreak: WhatsApp introduces new update to simplify video calling

As people are talking to doctors, teachers, and isolated loved ones via WhatsApp during this Coronavirus outbreak. The Facebook-owned instant messaging app has now unveiled a new update for its application to make it...
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COVID-19 outbreak: WhatsApp reduces forwarded message limit to one user

With WhatsApp bridging the gap in communication as billions of people are practising social distancing due to COVID-19 outbreak, the Facebook-owned instant messing app has now put a limit on such message so that...

COVID-19: WhatsApp reduces video status limit to 15 seconds in India

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, there has been a surge in WhatsApp usage across India in order to help people stay connected while they are practising social distancing. Now news is rife that WhatsApp has...


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Samsung Galaxy A73 5G review: Almost perfect, should you pick it...

Who doesn’t want to get their hands on a high-end smartphone from Samsung? We managed to do just that with the Samsung Galaxy A73...

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How to create an RSVP form on Google Forms?

How to create an RSVP form on Google Forms?

You may have come across a Google Form to take a survey or fill out a questionnaire. Apart from creating a basic form, you...