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What’s With The Buzz Around GTA Online’s New Casino?

Modern gamers are getting more and more used to seeing their favourite titles augmented by significant updates long after release. Just last summer you may have read here about a major new content bundle...
led bulb

5 reasons why you should invest in a Smart LED bulb right away

India is a price sensitive market. It factors in the advantages and benefits before shelling out money to buy any product or services. It stands true for the LED light as well, especially when...

How To Ramp Up Privacy On Your Smartphone

When it comes to smartphones, especially Androids, various companies often analyze key data for business insights, to review user behavior, etc. The usual excuse is that they (mobile carriers and others) need this data...

Artificial Intelligence trends are reinventing the Consumer Electronics segment

After taking healthcare, education, and telecommunication sectors by storm, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all decked up to revolutionize the consumer electronics industry within the next five years. As per IBEF’S industry analysis report, Indian...

Forget about Net Neutrality – What India really needs is deeper data penetration

In the past few weeks a lot has been spoken and written about Net Neutrality and everyone is defending “Internet Freedom” in India. The critical question yet unanswered is, are we approaching the subject...