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How To Ramp Up Privacy On Your Smartphone

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When it comes to smartphones, especially Androids, various companies often analyze key data for business insights, to review user behavior, etc. The usual excuse is that they (mobile carriers and others) need this data to provide you with enriched content and targeted offers.

Well, that sounds like something that you may want to avoid, after all, who loves someone looking over their shoulders all the time? Granted that the iOS users have a better deal since the security is often updated continuously on their phones, whereas with Androids, not so much. The value of your data can be hard to quantify. But here are a few measures that you can take to protect your data and key information better.

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Here Are Top Privacy Apps To Protect Your Smartphone:

  • Strong lock code

Essentially, this is the first thing that you need to do when you purchase your smartphone. And surprisingly, not many do but moving on, depending on your android’s architecture, head over to settings > security and location and click on screen look.

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You need to choose a strong password and make sure that it is alphanumeric.  You can also set up a pattern (as with Samsung devices), or use face lock (real me) or use a fingerprint for convenience.

The point is that androids have evolved a lot since they first introduced screen lock. It is time that you took a few additional measures to protect your data and to prevent others from accessing your phone, without your permission. Should your phone fall into the wrong hands and there’s no lock code then you leave yourself open to becoming one of the 791 million identities that were stolen in 2016 alone.

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Two-factor authentications

Most of the companies, from Google to Microsoft, offer a two-factor authentication service that you can use to protect your phone better. All that’s required is to head over to the required settings page and enable this feature.

You can set it up in such a way that all users trying to access your account has to submit the OTP number to do so.

  • Hide notifications and sensitive content

If you want to keep your texts and notification messages secure, you can do so by heading over to settings. Once you are in the settings part of your phone, you can tweak it so that only certain apps are allowed to send you notifications.

You can turn off the lock screen notifications as well as hide sensitive content. There’s not much you can do to prevent anyone snooping, other than to subscribe to one of the many paid services like Black berry’s Private Shade.

And, if you are looking to secure those embarrassing or highly personal texts, you can do with the help of Spok’s HIPAA-compliant secure texting app. There are a lot of free and paid apps that you can use, to give your privacy a much-needed boost. You can also opt to hold sensitive conversations on Whatsapp as it provides an end to end encryption.

  • Uninstall/disable unused Apps

The chances are that your phone came loaded with a lot of apps that you no longer use anymore. It is essential that you root your device, and flush out these apps. The fact remains that hackers often use old unused apps as a way to infect a phone or system with malicious codes.

That’s why you need to get rid of this bloatware which should help give your device with a performance boost.

  • Restrict App permissions

More often than not, apps often request you for permissions which they do not need or require. One school of thought is that these apps often request permissions so that they can collect the data and information they need, on the user and sell the information to third parties.

This is why you need to periodically check out all the apps and the relevant permissions that you may have granted them.

  • Use reliable manufacturer

It is always a great idea to purchase your product from a reputable manufacturer. This should ensure that your phone continues to function seamlessly without a hitch. By buying your phone from a reliable manufacturer, you can ensure that your phone continues to function normally.

Final Thoughts

These are a few measures that you can take to protect your data and key information better. Just remember to check online for updates on the same. More importantly, make sure that you are running the latest android on your phone.

With these small tips posted here and some of the apps, you can prevent others from accessing your texts or other key information. Just remember to check out these apps and read their reviews accordingly.

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