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12 Super Funny Websites for the Best Humour and daily giggles

Bored of what the internet has to offer? Check out these hilarious websites.

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From funny cats to topical memes, internet humour has come a long way. And while humour may be subjective, the Internet always has something for everyone. While new websites are constantly popping up, only the funniest have stood the test of time. Among all the funny websites to visit, today, we bring you the 12 funny websites for the best humour and daily giggles.

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9GAG. funny website to visit

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Founded in 2008, 9GAG is one of the most popular humour-based websites in the world. 9GAG allows users to post their own content, which can then be voted on by other users. The highest-voted posts make their way to the top of the front page. 9GAG also has several categories that let you filter content according to your liking. Once you start voting on posts, 9GAG will design your feed around your likes.

The Onion. funny website to visit

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Though originally not a website, The Onion is one of the most viewed and the funniest source of satirical news on the Internet. Founded in 1988 as a weekly publication, The Onion began publishing online in 1996. While there are a lot of similar websites, The Onion practically wrote the book on news satire. The Onion covers both fictional and real-world events and mimics the tone of regular print news.

cyanide and happiness. funny website to visit

Published on, Cyanide and Happiness is one of the most popular comics on the Internet. The webcomic explores controversial, absurd, and often dark subjects, but it will always make you chuckle. The comic uses stick figure animations and, upon gaining popularity on the internet, has also come out with its animated shorts.


While not solely a funny website, Reddit is home to some of the funniest content on the internet. Subreddits like r/jokes and r/funny are visited by millions of people. If you do not like what’s posted there, there are an endless number of niche subreddits that might be suited to your liking. Reddit allows users to post content, which is then voted on by other users. The most popular posts make it to the front page.

is it christmas

Simple and straightforward, yet one of the funniest websites to visit and show to your friends. This website tells you whether it is Christmas or not. Not only that, it’ll tell you whether it’s Christmas or not in your language.


This website will use images of people pointing fingers to show you where your cursor is. No matter where you place your cursor, it’ll come up with an image of a person pointing directly at it. It is as bizarre as it is funny.

we want plates

As the name suggests, We Want Plates is a website for pictures of food served on anything but plates. The images posted on this website can range from straight-up funny to rage-inducing. While WWP’s Twitter and Reddit pages may be more popular, it is still one of the funniest sites to visit.

invisible cow

Follow the audio cues to locate the invisible cow on your screen. The game gets funnier as you approach the cow and the voice becomes more frantic. It’s the perfect game to kill some time and laugh at something silly.

xkcd. funny websites to visit.

Another wildly popular webcomic, xkcd explores science, philosophy, mathematics, computers and general pop culture to bring you funny, witty, and often insightful comics. xkcd was created in 2005 by American author Randall Munroe. Since then it has become one of the most-read webcomics on the Internet.

let me google that for you. funny websites to visit.

Let Me Google That For You is a website for a funny practical joke you can play whenever someone asks you something irrelevant or inane that they can easily google. LMGTFY asks you for the search item and creates a short animation of googling that query which you can then forward to your friend as a link.

thats the finger. funny websites to visit.

Crass, pointless, but fun nevertheless, That’s The Finger (Deal With It) simply flips you the middle finger slowly as you move towards the close tab option. The farther you are from closing the tab, the less prominent the finger is.

eel slap. funny websites to visit

Probably the most niche website on the list, Eel Slap is for people who enjoy watching other people get slapped by an eel. One of the funniest websites to visit, this website allows you to slap someone in the face by an eel simply by moving your cursor around.

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When it comes to humour, new websites are always popping up on the internet. With the sheer vastness of the internet, there are rapidly developing niches and subcultures. If you ever fail to get the joke or want to know more about some popular image on the internet, visit

Is there any website that you love to visit for your daily dose of humour? Let us know in the comments!

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