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Top 10 most useful websites on the internet

These websites will enhance your internet experience and make your life easy too.

As we know the world wide web is too vast with millions of websites. It’s really important to know which of these websites are really useful and will help you to be more productive or help you in your day to day life. Below are our top picks for you, which will help you in the long run. Here is our list of useful websites you should know of.

1.Clean PNG       Clean PNG

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This website is very helpful for your school or college projects. You can easily download high-quality png images for official use to make your project really beautiful. There is no need to pay anything or register to use this website. It’s easier to download from here than making your own image’s background transparent.

Visit the site: https://www.cleanpng.com/


Pixlr Useful websites

Ever felt like editing your pictures but photoshop seems very difficult and heavy to use? Try using Pixlr in which you can edit your pictures very easily. It has a minimalistic design and does the job of basic editing. Once you are used to this site you can also pay the subscription amount for additional features. We have been using it for some time and it is a good basic alternative to Photoshop or MS paint.

Visit the site: https://pixlr.com/


Pixabay Useful websites

Another good one on our list of useful websites is Pixabay. Many times we are faced with a situation when we need an image for our project. But where to get free images from? For casual users, sites like shutter stock are really not affordable and will burn a hole in your wallet. Pixabay is the best alternative to get Royalty-free content like images and videos. The website has a minimalistic design and is very easy to use. You can get thousands of videos and images on this website to choose from completely free of cost.

Visit the site: https://pixabay.com/

4. Bachelorstudies


Confused about what to study for your higher studies? Or which is the best college for you? Bachelorstudies is your one-stop solution. It specifies to you the time you need to give the college you can choose and what will be the cost of your studies. You can choose any course as per your need and interest. The site is completely free and the user interface is very neat and easy to use.

Visit the site: https://www.bachelorstudies.com/

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Ninite Useful websites

Since the Web is so vast, there are tons of spam links for the software you want. Ninite comes to the rescue. It has all the links to the software you need or might want, which are categorised. It eliminates the hassle of searching and downloading the software, Ninite will download an application on your device with just a click. After which the selected programs will be downloaded hassle free. No permissions needed, no popup to waste your time.

Visit the site: https://ninite.com/

6. Lucidchart


You can make diagrams, flowcharts and wireframes with Lucidcharts. The best feature about this site is you can also collaborate with your friends and can make flowcharts together. There is no application download required for this site. It works right in your web browser. The free plan allows you to make three documents. If for any chance the count of documents exceeds three, there is a small subscription fee they charge to the consumers.

Visit the site here: https://www.lucidchart.com/pages/



The new generation is getting more diet continuous, day by day. EatThisMuch comes in handy when it comes to an automatic diet planner. You can enter your day to day calorie intake and the site will suggest a diet plan to you. You can also input your calorie consumption while you are dieting. There are different diets supported as well, like Veg, keto, Paleo etc. There is a diet plan for everyone and the site will really help you stay healthy.

Visit the site: https://www.eatthismuch.com/

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8. JustWatch


One of the most useful websites is Just Watch. This site is a must for movies and TV buffs. This site does a very basic yet useful job. It checks for movies and TV series available across different platforms. It also compares the prices of different Streaming platforms so you don’t end up paying extra. It also checks if the movie you want to watch is available on an OTT platform that you already own. This way you don’t end up paying for an extra subscription. It is better to have everything in one place than go to different websites for content consumption. We call it the aggregator of OTT platforms.

Visit the site: https://www.justwatch.com/


Fast.com Useful websites

With users consuming more and more internet data every day, it’s essential for you to have a proper internet connection. Fast.com is a quick way to check your Internet speed and is powered by Netflix. It has a minimal design that shows you your internet speed. If the user wishes they can also check upload speed and detailed information by clicking on more information.

Visit the site: https://fast.com/

10. AlternativeTo


Ever like an application or software that got discontinued? Or the app is too expensive for you to buy? An alternative is this site that shines in this case. It finds an alternative application for you. You can just input the name of the software you want an alternative for. You can also ask the site to give an alternative for a different platform.

Visit the site: https://alternativeto.net/

These are the top 10 picks of websites for our readers, which will really help you in day to day life tasks and make your internet surfing joyful.

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