10 waterproof smartphones that you can pick today and be safe in the monsoons

Be monsoon-ready with these smartphones.


Monsoon is here finally! And while rains bring immense joy and moments of happiness, they have some downsides too. One of the major drawbacks of monsoon is that your smartphone may get wet and damaged. To avoid situations like these, you can buy one among these 10 smartphones that come with an IP rating and hence, are waterproof. With these, you wouldn’t have to face any losses. Take a look:

2iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

iphone xs

Apple’s current flagship smartphones – iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max – come with the best possible specifications that the company has offered till now. So, we could really not expect the Cupertino-based technology giant to miss out on an IP rating. Both the premium smartphones come with an IP68 rating. The company has also said that iPhone XR and iPhone XR Max can stay submerged in 2 meters’ deep water for up to 30 minutes and they would not be damaged.


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