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15 advance keyboard shortcuts every Microsoft Excel user should know

Excel is one of the most popular applications used for productivity. Here are some useful shortcuts which will come in handy.

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MS Excel is a commonly used Microsoft Office application. It is a spreadsheet program that is used to save and analyse numerical data. In this spreadsheet, one can record data in the form of tables and easily analyse it. Here are a few of the shortcuts that will be very useful and make you a pro at MS Excel.

This is an essential shortcut when you’re working with a large set of data and want to extend your selection to the bottom, or any edge it can be activated by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Direction arrows.

  • Paste Special

It is a powerful shortcut. It works more than a typical paste option. One can paste values, formulas, formatting, and even column widths by pressing  Ctrl + Alt + V.

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  • Formula references

Typing $ again and again for each formula seems like a ton of work. By using the F4 shortcut one can quickly rotate through all absolute and relative formula reference option.

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  • Fill down

An excellent way to copy values from the cell above without the hassle of copy-paste. It can be toggled by pressing Ctrl + D also fill column by pressing Ctrl + R 

  • Auto sum

You can use this option to sum rows, columns, or even an entire table in one step. Pressing Alt+ = will automatically insert a sum function.

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  • Current Date and Time

Want to fill the current date and time but does typing it, again and again, seem like a hassle? Microsoft got you covered for this, users can press control + ; for the current date and Control + Shift + : for the current time.

  • Go to first cell / last cell 

It’s easy to traverse from one cell to another without hitting your keyboard multiple times. Ctrl + Home is used to go to the first cell whereas Ctrl + End is used to go to the last cell.

  • Repeat the last action

Many commands can be repeated in MS Excel like applying the same borders, format, or even inserting a worksheet again. It can be activated by either pressing F4 or Ctrl + Y.

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  • Data navigation 

This option lets you move to the edges of the data instantly, without tediously scrolling. It comes in handy when the data sets are large in number. Using Ctrl + Navigation keys will help in this case.

  • Insert/delete columns and rows

To insert an entire row or column selected, use Ctrl + Shift + + and if you wish to delete, select an entire row or column and use Ctrl + -.

  • Enter in multiple cells

Whenever you want to enter the same value or formula in more than one cell at a time press Ctrl + Enter and multiple cells selected will be auto-filled.

  • Format cells

This option is often used by many people but, the traditional way is quite a time taking process. It can be easily done by pressing  Ctrl + 1. It will open a Format Cell dialogue box. Though one can use it to format anything in MS Excel.

  • New Table

Ctrl + T can be used and is very handy when you want to convert a set of data to a proper Excel table with filters and formatting.

  • Reveal Formulas

 A very fast way to temporarily reveal all formulas in a worksheet. It can be achieved by pressing Ctrl + `. Use the shortcut again to turn formulas back to invisible.

  • Toggle Filters

This option is used to clear all the filters applied in a table. This option comes in handy when one user wants to reset a table with many filters. Users can press Ctrl + Shift + L to use this feature.

These shortcuts are very easy to use, remember and will come in handy in making proper Excel sheets in no time. These will not only save a lot of time but will also increase your productivity.

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