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15 Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts you need to know

A pro tip to sharpen your Microsoft Word skills

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From making your school projects to working on your corporate files. For all these things you have to work on Microsoft Word, every now and then. Be it inscription or editing a piece of write up, basic layout designing, formatting or doing anything that makes your written work presentable and error-free, you have been using Microsoft Word. But are you aware of these 15 must know Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts? Well, before jumping directly to these shortcuts, you should always know its importance. It cuts down the time, which you otherwise spend on finding tools in Quick Access Toolbar or in other tabs. With these shortcuts, you can make efficient use of the keyboard to get whatever you want in your document file. In a nutshell, it saves your time and speeds up your work.

Any software you work on has much to offer than you think. To explore more, start with its shortcut keys and soon you will find a whole new set of commands which you haven’t used ever before. In case of Microsoft Word, besides Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V for Windows and Command+C, Command+X and Command+V for Mac, Copy, Cut and Paste respectively, there are myriads of other shortcuts you need to know. You would find it interesting, many of these below mentioned Keyboard shortcuts can also be used for other Microsoft Office software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, etc.

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Shortcut Keys for Windows Shortcut Keys for Mac Operation
Ctrl+N Command+N Creates a new document
Ctrl+O Command+O Displays the open file window
Ctrl+P Command+P Opens the Print Command for the selected document
Ctrl+F Command+F Finds text within the current document.
Ctrl+Home fn+Left Arrow Key Navigates to start of the document
Ctrl+End fn+Right Arrow Key Navigates to end of the document
F12 Command+Shift+S Choose the ‘Save As’ command in the File menu
F5 fn+F5 or F5 Choose the ‘Go To’ command in the Edit menu
Shift+F3 fn+Shift+F3 To change between lowercase, UPPERCASE, and Capitalise each word.
Shift+F4 or Ctrl+Y #+Y Repeats the last command
Ctrl+Enter Command+Enter or Command+Return+fn Inserts Page Break
Ctrl+K Command+K Inserts Hyperlink
Ctrl+M Command+Right/Left Arrow Indent the paragraph
Alt+F4 or Ctrl+F4 Command+W Close the current document

In case, you find these Keyboard shortcuts, also known as Hotkeys (tricky to remember), you can always customise your Keyboard shortcuts by selecting Customise Keyboard in Tools menu in the Menu Bar. Using this, you can create your own Keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word and customise the existing ones as well.

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