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3 Main Reasons Which Slows Down A VPN

These are the top reasons.

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Virtual private networks are intelligent solutions to different computer problems such as ISP throttling, privacy issues, and accessing blocked content. Modern VPNs come with so many features that make them an absolutely Swiss army knife for every problem out there.

If we start discussing all the features and how they work here this article will span across several pages. Therefore, if you are interested in discovering all the features and finding out how they work, the best way is to get a VPN with an easy-to-use interface such as surfshark for android.

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But sometimes these VPNs get too annoying especially if they slow down the entire internet connection. In this article, we will learn three main reasons that slow down a VPN and degrade its overall performance.

3 Main Reasons Which Slows Down a VPN

Limited IP Address Allocation Resources 

The first reason is the IP address allocation process. This process works by giving each subscriber an allocated IP address from one of the virtual machines running on the VPN server pool. As soon as a new client connects to the VPN, it gets assigned a particular IP address.

Then, the client’s traffic gets routed through the network using this particular IP address. However, keeping a large number of clients connected at any given time can be costly for the service provider.

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Even though most providers implement dynamic routing algorithms to optimize their services, the fact remains that they need a certain amount of data centers or nodes to maintain the IP addresses.

Hence, when enough of these resources become unavailable, it causes serious bottlenecks in the quality of service provided by a virtual private network.

Congested Servers

Another reason why VPNs are problematic is because of congested servers. When a huge number of users connect to a singular server at once, then congestion occurs.

As a result, some packets stay stuck behind other packets because of the high volume of connection requests that have piled up on this single server. Thus, those packets take longer to reach their destination, effectively slowing down the whole connection.

This issue becomes worse during peak hours. During these times, more and more people try to access the same resource simultaneously. So when the load exceeds the available capacity of the server, the delay caused by these backlogged connections further aggravates the situation.

Inadequate Bandwidth Capabilities

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data received per unit time. It basically determines how fast the connection can handle incoming traffic. If bandwidth is low then the connection is unable to support high volumes of traffic rapidly. And vice versa, if the connection has sufficient bandwidth, then it can easily handle a lot of traffic at once without causing delays.

Due to the lack of adequate bandwidth capacities, VPNs fail to deliver decent levels of security and reliability. Because whenever a user tries to connect to a website, he needs to wait for a few seconds before he receives the page contents.

To resolve this matter, VPN providers must invest heavily in improving their infrastructure. A higher level of bandwidth means that they don’t have to rely on third parties like CDN (content delivery network) providers.


When you find your VPN connection being extremely slow, it could be due to one of the above-mentioned culprits. So, keep all these things in mind while connecting to a VPN. Although you can’t do much about it to improve its performance you can surely migrate to another and better service.

You must always do your research before choosing your VPN network. If you are not sure about something you can always use their “contact us” option to receive help from their customer care representatives.

There are many websites out there claiming to provide free VPNs. But we suggest you don’t use them as they may just trick you into giving away your details. Always use a reliable VPN service to get better performance and increased security.

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